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Windows 11 Simplified eBook Worth $15 available for Free

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Windows 11 Simplified is a starting-from-scratch guide to the latest Windows version.

Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 11, is jam-packed with enhancements and new features. However, you may feel overwhelmed if you’re just getting started with Windows 11 or if you’re searching for a refresher.

If you’re interested in learning more about Windows 11, then you need to read this book by Paul McFedries.

The ebook, normally $15, is available for free for a limited time.

Windows 11 Simplified eBook

About Windows 11 Simplified eBook:

Paul McFedries’ book provides a comprehensive and accessible tutorial on Windows 11.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, this book has valuable content for you. It offers a visually guided path, with many screenshots and illustrations, to help you main Windows 11.

The book is fully updated, highlighting the latest and greatest features of Windows 11. By following the straightforward instructions and accompanying screenshots, you’ll swiftly develop proficiency in both the basic and advanced functionalities of Windows 11.

The book covers everything from the user interface to managing files, adjusting settings, browsing the web, sending emails, and chatting with loved ones.

It contains numerous images and illustrations that facilitate easy learning and understanding of Windows 11.

Windows 11 Simplified is a straightforward guide that directly presents simple examples. To experience the ease of catching up, simply open the book.

Windows 11 Simplified

Key Features:

  • Learning becomes effortless with concise two-page lessons that are self-contained.
  • The book provides detailed colour screenshots of each step.
  • Clear, step-by-step instructions are presented for easy understanding.
  • Sidebars labelled “Simplify It” provide practical pointers.
  • Easy-to-follow guides will help you master the fundamentals and a variety of advanced features.
  • Master the ins and outs of the user interface, the file manager, the configuration menu, and more.
  • Learn to perform common Internet tasks such as surfing, emailing, watching videos, and chatting.
  • Customize the appearance and behaviour of windows to your exact preferences.


Get Windows 11 Simplified eBook for Free:

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If you’re looking for a simple way to learn Windows 11, go no further than Windows 11 Simplified. It’s informative and straightforward, with no unnecessary fluff. I heartily suggest this ebook for anyone who needs an introduction to Windows 11 or a refresher.