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Windows 11 For Dummies eBook Worth $15 for Free

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Windows 11 For Dummies ebook is written by Andy Rathbone. This is a helpful self-help book that provides a solid foundation for the new features and functionality of the operating system.

This ebook, the Dummies Edition, is normally $15, but it’s free right now.

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You’ll receive an email with a download link and instructions for accessing the eBook. The ebook is also available in TradePub’s “My Library” feature.

This e-book is 17 MB in size and contains 467 pages. The deadline for this giveaway is February 2, 2023.

About Windows 11 For Dummies:

Microsoft touted Windows 11 operating system as the company’s fastest, most secure, and most adaptable release to date.

With such a guarantee, it only makes sense to jump right into use.

This ebook brings you up to date on the most recent version of Windows, providing you with increased speed, security, and adaptability.

Windows 11 dummies ebook

Bestselling author and Windows guru Andy Rathbone lends a hand, guiding you through the fresh Windows 11 UI, new Windows tools like Teams and widgets, and Android app use.

Windows 11’s guided tour begins at the Start menu and concludes with error diagnosis and resolution. You learn how to navigate your hard drive, share and collaborate with others using Microsoft Teams, sync your phone’s photos with your computer, and more.

Other topics include:

  1. Using the Windows 11 Start Menu

  2. Tracing the whereabouts of elusive files

  3. Create individual user accounts to prevent children from accessing personal files.

  4. Establishing a Wi-Fi connection

  5. Altering the Appearance of Your Widgets