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Windows 11 Debloater Tool: Free GUI App for Optimizing Your Windows

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Windows 11 Debloater Tool by FreeTimeTech is a free app designed to declutter your PC and improve its overall performance.

They built this GUI app on Chris Titus Tech’s GitHub PowerShell Scripts and farag2’s Sophia Script for Windows.

Several programs and services are pre-installed in Windows 11, many of which you may never use. These programs have the potential to hog system resources, which results in a sluggish computer.

The Windows 11 Debloater Tool simplifies uninstalling bloatware and recovering precious system resources, so your PC can run more efficiently and without hiccups.

Windows 11 Debloater Tool- Advanced Debloater

What is Windows 11 Debloater Tool?

This debloater is a piece of software that can uninstall unnecessary Windows 11 programs and features. Your computer’s speed and reliability may both benefit from this. The software has an intuitive interface that makes uninstalling unwanted programs a breeze.

How does Windows 11 Debloater Tool work?

The debloater is a simple program to operate. It doesn’t require any installation. Simple run the app after being downloaded to your computer.

The “EZ Debloater” tab can be found in the main menu. It lets you debloat Windows 11 by running common PowerShell scripts. In case something goes wrong, you can choose to restore/undo scripts.

On the “EZ Debloater” tab page, click the button you want to perform. The script will show up on the right for you to run by pressing ‘Run Script’.

Click the button you want to use on the “EZ Debloater” tab page. The script will appear to the right for execution by clicking “Run Script.”

You can view the script behind each button and edit it as needed before you press it to execute it.

Windows 11 Debloater Tool-enable Hibernate

For those who want more control, there is “Advanced Debloater”. It has four settings (Desktop, Laptop, Minimal, and Virtual Machine). You can choose a preset, like “Laptop,” and then click “Run Script.” The “undo all” button can be used to revert to the original state.

You can see other tabs, like “Windows Apps” and “3rd Party.”

On these tabs, use the radio buttons to enable or disable the items you desire.

After you’ve made your choice, open the screen for the Output tab.

To see the script, click the “Output PowerShell” button.

To run the script, click the “Run PowerShell” button. When you click the “Run PowerShell” button, it will make a “runpsscript.ps1” file in the current working directory and execute it.

Download the latest version of Debloater Tool from:

Benefits of using Windows 11 Debloater Tool:

  • Improves system performance: Removing apps and services you don’t use can free up resources that your computer needs to run better and faster.
  • Increases stability: it decreases the likelihood of crashes and other issues when unnecessary pre-installed apps and services are removed.
  • Customizable: You can choose which apps and services you want to remove, so you can change your system to fit your needs.
  • Easy to use: The software is user-friendly and provides a simple interface to remove unwanted components from your system.

Windows 11 Debloater Tool-3rd Party apps

In the end, anyone who uses Windows 11 needs to have the Windows 11 Debloater Tool. It makes it easy to clean up your system, which frees up valuable resources and improves the speed and stability of your computer. Whether you’re a tech-savvy user or just want to get the most out of your computer, this Debloater Tool is the solution you’ve been looking for.