Windbound -Indie Survival Game Now Available for Free

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Windbound is an open-world survival game developed by 5 Lives Studios and published by Deep Silver. The game is all about surviving a shipwreck. It was released in 2020.

This week, the Epic Games Store is giving away this $29.99 PC game for free.

Until February 17, this game will be free on the Epic Games Store.

Visit this or search for the game in their launcher before February 17, 2022. Check out after you add the game to your shopping cart. You may keep and play the game forever.

About Windbound Game:

Windbound is an Indie game that combines survival game mechanics with a narrative focus.

Shipwrecked on an unknown island, you’ll have to explore, adapt, and navigate the land and dangerous seas to stay alive, but you can do it.

As Kara, you are a warrior who has been caught in a fierce storm at sea, adrift from your tribe. Thrown from your boat, you are left to the whims of the waves. You land on the shores of the Forbidden Islands, a mysterious paradise.

With no boat, no food, and no tools, just the will and skill to stay alive, find this beautiful island’s rich resources on this beautiful island. Nature is full of wild and fantastical creatures, so you need to make tools and weapons to hunt and defend yourself against nature itself.

With each new island that is found, secrets from the past and glimpses of the future are revealed. Make sense of them all and you might find more than just your way home.

Explore the history of the beautiful Forbidden Islands on your own. Each holds the key to a mystery and surprising revelations.

Each island has its own unique wildlife, landscapes, and challenges to deal with, so keep moving towards the horizon. It’s a good idea to go around the islands and find resources that you can use to make a wide range of tools and weapons to hunt animals and improve your boat. The only time you can set sail is when there are not enough resources.

Your boat is your best friend on this trip, so spend a lot of time making your own custom sailboat. You’ll need it to navigate the dangerous waters as you move from island to island. It’s important to build your boat to withstand strong winds, huge waves, and dangerous sea creatures.