Win 11 Launcher: Get the Windows 11 Look on Your Android

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Win 11 Launcher: We all know android devices are popular for their functionality and personalization. People enjoy Android’s extensive array of features and customization options.

Some users, however, are fond of Windows 11’s user interface and wish it were available on Android devices. Thankfully, the Win 11 Launcher makes that a reality.

What is the Win 11 Launcher?

This launcher for Android will make your phone look and feel just like Windows 11 on a PC. The launcher app makes your Android device look like it runs Windows 11.

After you’ve downloaded and run the launcher, your phone’s home screen will look just like Windows 11, complete with the taskbar and the notification area icons.

How Win 11 Launcher Works:

Naturally, a larger mobile device, like a tablet, will benefit from the visual appeal of this launcher. In actuality, Windows 11’s desktop is not designed for screens that are extremely small.

I tried it on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite; you can notice the UI in the below screenshots.

Win 11 Launcher on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Taking the Android display horizontally makes it look more like the Windows 11 desktop.

We can tap the desktop background to bring up a context menu, just like in Windows. Create a new folder, change the background image, install widgets and customize your desktop with new icons, all from this menu.

The start menu, the web browser, the phone dialling app, and the text messaging app can all be accessed directly from the taskbar.

Win 11 Launcher with Windows 11 like Start Menu

It includes nearly two dozen features, which makes it a carbon copy of the Windows 11 desktop.
We can confidently say that it seems to function in the same way. On the desktop, you’ll find quick links to frequently used programs.


    • It is simple to use and navigate.
    • Android with Windows Phone like experience.
    • Android apps with stylish tiles.
    • Theme colours can be changed as needed.
    • A home screen similar to Windows 11.
    • Advanced File Manager.
    • Quick Settings- Gives access to system settings & Calendar.
    • Built in RAM cleaner.
    • Useful Built-in Widgets and supports 3rd party Widgets.

Mobile Notifications and Dedicate file manger in Win 11 Launcher

Download and Installing the App:

Go to the and get the app; It’s free. Do the installation.

Make this your phone’s default launcher.

Use your Android device as if it were running Windows 11.

To be clear, “Win 11 Launcher” won’t actually make your Android phone behave like a Windows phone, but it will make it look pretty darn close.