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Win 11 Launcher Pro: Gives Android Windows 11 look Now Free

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Win 11 Launcher Pro is an Android app that gives your tablet or phone a Windows 11 look. This android app has a 4.6 Star rating from 116 user reviews.

The pro version of the app usually costs $2.49, but for a limited time on the Google Play Store, it is free.

Get the app by visiting this Google Play page:

About Win 11 Launcher Pro:

Need a Windows-like launcher for your Android, but not a fan of stock Android?

It’s time to get started with Win 11 Launcher (inspired by the Windows 11 and Win 10 OS). The Launcher allows you to give your phone a new appearance and feel while saving time and battery life.

Win 11 Launcher Pro UI

Get the same Computer Metro UI on your Android device that you see on your Windows 11 laptop or desktop. To replicate the experience of Windows 11’s desktop launcher, this launcher allows for a wide range of customization options.

You can customize it to your liking with a number of different themes, colours, and backgrounds to pick from. The icons for your apps will be sorted alphabetically by default, and you’ll be able to create tiles for your most frequently used apps and organize them into a set.

Get a file manager with windows so you can search and look through all your apps, contacts, Google search, Google maps, and more.

Win 11 Launcher Pro Themes

Win 11 Launcher Pro Features:

  • Start menu like a computer
  • Window 11 tile look
  • Create shortcuts on the desktop.
  • Create contacts on the desktop.
  • Place apps on the desktop
  • Drag and drop for all actions.
  • List of most used apps.
  • Easy to access and search for the apps.
  • Get PC-style details of all your drives, SD cards, storage, audio and video files, and images.
  • The exact look of the Computer Launcher taskbar
  • Place, resize, and drag widgets on the desktop
  • Clock widget on desktop and taskbar.
  • weather widget and Message widget.
  • RAM Info Widget and Ram Clean
  • Live premium wallpapers and themes.
  • Unlimited themes.
  • Lock screen feature.
  • Hide app function.
  • Multicoloured support for desktop, start menu, and taskbar