Download Abelssoft WashAndGo 2009 (v11.5.0) for Free

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Abelssoft WashAndGo 2009 is yet another system cleaning suite that can boost your windows system performance.Normally this software costs $29 but you can get it absolutely free with below promo set by

According to Abelssoft, WashAndGo is a virtual scrubbing brush for your PC. ,which provides an easy means of cleaning garbage files that fill up the hard disk and do nothing except slow down the PC.

Garbage files that can be removed by WashAndGo include temporary files not removed when programs are closed, old file safety copies which are created automatically by some programs, 0 byte files with no real content, wrong and confusing Windows Registry entries, duplicate DLL libraries, superfluous and outdated service pack files, wrong Uninstall entries and Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox,chrome browser caches. Together, these unnecessary files can cause a computer to run slower than usual, and take up disk space.

Just after clicking “Easy clean”, it will scan and display items that should be removed and when you click “Start cleanup” it remove the items from your windows system. Also WashAndGo displays much disk space has been freed.

Easy clean is categorized in to 3 categories : clean optimized,clean fast, clean Full. You can select one of the option and proceed for certain cleaning process, else you can also configure which items to be cleaned by selecting “Manual clean” option.

Also If you are lazy to open the program, you can auto clean the system by choosing Schedule Easy clean” option.

    WashAndGo – Features:

  • Compatible with Windows XP,Vista and Windows 7
  • Removes Unnecessary Garbage Files:

    WashAndGo cleans your system and increases your performance significantly. The following garbage types are detected by WashAndGo:

  • Unnecessary garbage files
  • Old log and dump files
  • Content of temp folders
  • Prefetch files and unnecessary setup cache files
  • Unused backup files of service pack installations
  • Content of own temp folders
  • Dozens of additional cleaning gadgets
  • Corrects System Errors:
    WashAndGo is able to detect system errors and to correct them. Your PC will become more stable.
    The following errors can be recognized and corrected:

  • Defective shortcuts
  • Windows Registry errors
  • Orphaned entries of your Recent-Files folder
  • Wrong uninstall entries in Windows
  • Removes Traces:
    WashAndGo removes internet traces in Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer. WashAndGo allows you to do the following operations:

  • Emptying your browser cache
  • Removal of so called Internet Cookies
  • Cleaning of your web history
  • Removal of Microsoft traces
  • Cleaning of over 100 different Windows applications
  • Safety First :
    In case of any problems, WashAndGo creates a security backup. This allows you to undo all changes at any time for a period of 14 days.
    WashAndGo will only suggest to remove a file if it can be almost 100% sure that this entry is unnecessary and may be removed.

    One-thing I liked most in the software is the animated “Jet Dog”,from JetDrive professional 2009, also here is a working promo for JetDrive professional 2009.


How to get the WashAndGo v 11.50 For Free ?

  1. First visit this page , then click onJetzt kostenlos.…” and download the software.
    Directly download the software from here(18 MB)
  2. Install the software and run the program, now you will see a window similar to below image, enter your email address First name, last name, and click “Get Free unlock code” button.
  3. Instantly you will get unlock code in your email-Inbox, use the code and turn the trail version to full version.

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