Warhammer Skulls Digital Goodie Pack

Warhammer Skulls Digital Goodie Pack Free on GOG -Get by June 10

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To celebrate the Warhammer Skulls event, GOG store and Games Workshop teamed up and offering Warhammer Skulls Digital Goodie Pack. This Digital Goodie pack available for free on the GOG store.

This pack includes:

  • A classic strategy game Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat.
  • A batch of cool Warhammer Skulls and Adeptus Titanicus: Dominus wallpapers.
  • A World Eaters sampler from The Black Library in PDF, epub, and mobi.
  • A free Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay Adventure titled Rain of Mercy in PDF.
  • A Warhammer: Mark of Chaos – The Collected Concept Art album in PDF.
  • Original soundtrack from Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus in FLAC and WAV.
  • A 15% off discount code for Warhammer merch (valid until 31st August 2021).

The Digital Goodie Pack will appear in your library as two separate entries – a free game and a goodie pack. The goodies are accessible only through the browser, and will not be visible in your GOG GALAXY library.

Get Digital Goodie Pack by visiting this GOG Store link.

Click the ‘Add to Cart button’, next click ‘Checkout’, and log in to your GOG account.

In the final step, click the ‘Pay for Order’ button which is $0, and complete the order.

You can check your Game Collections (My collections) under the account settings, you can find the game and digital goodies.

Warhammer Skulls Digital Goodies at GOG Store

About Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat

As the first-ever video-game adaption of the Warhammer world, Shadow of the Horned Rat not only brings the table-top adventure to life in this real-time strategy(RTS) but adds its own story to the wondrous mythos.

With over 25 individual troops to choose from, you can create and lead your own army to battle across the many fields of the Old World.

You can also forge your own story in this adventure, choosing to follow the main story and defeat the Skaven and Orc forces, or accept the work of the many patron’s Paymaster Dietrich can procure. With increasing difficulty and expansive lore, this adaptation is a fine first step for the franchise and a must-play for both RTS and Warhammer fans alike.

Warhammer -Shadow of the Horned Rat

  • Lead Imperial forces against the Skaven and Greenskin Forces and defend the Empire from their nefarious plot
  • Co-ordinate your army and strategize victory in real-time
  • Create your own legacy – Follow the campaign and uncover the Skaven plot, or complete your patrons’ missions and earn fame, glory, and gold
  • Fully customize and augment your army, with over 25 troops to choose from