WAIncognito-Be invisible on WhatsApp Web

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The popular messaging app WhatsApp offers a cool function that lets you know if someone has seen your message. Many users love this function, but there are a few who would rather not have their read status shown.

The WAIncognito Chrome extension comes into play here; it lets you stay anonymous while yet seeing the read receipts of other people.

What is WAIncognito?

With WAIncognito, you can take control of your WhatsApp Web experience and customize features like read receipts and presence updates.

With this Chrome extension, you can keep your online activity private while still keeping tabs on what other people are up to. Designed specifically for the modern WhatsApp user, it strikes the ideal balance between anonymity and insight.

How Does WAIncognito Work?

Get the Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Install the extension and go to https://web.whatsapp.com/.

You’ll need to scan a QR code to link your WhatsApp account. If this isn’t your first time using WhatsApp on the web, you won’t need to do this step.

The extension adds a new menu to WhatsApp web, click the “Incognito” icon. Now you have three options to select or enable: Don’t send read confirmations, Don’t send “Last Seen and typing updates” and Restore deleted messages.

After you disable receipts, unsent messages will be transparent and marked in red. This makes it quite obvious that you are using the incognito mode.

You can use the Restore deleted messages option to save messages that have been erased.

Note: This extension can be used on any browser that is based on Chrome, including Microsoft Edge.


The WAIncognito app does not work with WhatsApp’s multi-device feature. The reason for this restriction is that WhatsApp does not provide offline devices with presence updates. For that reason, it works best for WhatsApp Web users.


If you mostly use WhatsApp Web for updates and conversations and aren’t using multi-device mode, WAIncognito could be a great tool for keeping your online privacy.