W8 Sidebar : Desktop Gadget for Windows 10

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W8 Sidebar is a lightweight tool  that acts as a desktop gadget for Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7 systems.

Windows gadgets  was introduced in Windows Vista and later  these candy desktop additions were abandoned by Microsoft after discovering that these  gadgets can be used to execute  code remotely and  this can compromise Windows systems.  In Windows 10 & 8, these gadgets are replaced with modern  live tiles and apps

But, W8 Sidebar is secure and safe as it’s a standalone  program and not a gadget. If you are a fan of  windows gadgets  then W8 Sidebar  program is for you.This is a light weight tool (just 2 MB) and offers useful components that can  be accessed right from your desktop.

w8 sidebar

The program will show information about your CPU, RAM, hard drive usage, network upload and download speed along with your IP address. When you click the CPU picture it will launch resource monitor, where as clicking on RAM will launch task manager and you can use the hard disk partitions by clicking the drive name/letter that you wish to access.

Furthermore using this portable tool you can search for files very quickly ( for this first you need to create a database),  remove junk files, history, cookies and other temporary files on your Windows system.

task scheduler in windows 10

The main highlight of the program is it offers  task scheduler (reminder) and  PC shutdown scheduler. Using task scheduler  (reminder) option you can set  reminder for around 10 different tasks and schedule to launch a program on particular date & time.

The Auto shutdown functions lets you   shutdown or restart, or hibernate or sleep  your PC at particular time, just enter the time and click on ‘Set timer’ button. If you want to run this program  when windows startup, enable ‘Elevated Rights’  under settings of this program.

auto shutdown pc with w8 sidebar

To end, W8 Sidebar  adds a nice sidebar to your windows 10 desktop and  offers handy  features, the tool suits only windows gadgets fans.


Download this tool @ https://sites.google.com/W8%20Sidebar.zip   & for more info reach the developer page.