VuzeToGo :Portable version of BitTorrent client

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Vuze formerly known as “Azureus” which used to be one of the most popular BitTorrent client and is probably the most active in implementing new features like automatically converting torrent downloads into iPod Touch, Xbox 360 and PS3 formats with it’s new version 4.0

Now Vuze has announced “Vuze To Go” a portable edition of their BitTorrent client,but it is neither open source nor free.

Vuze To Go can be installed and carried on any portable disk or pendrive. . This is a very complete solution that includes its own virtual operating system, which contains the portable version of Vuze. They have collaborated with “Ceedo” for a technology to run this portable application on systems where Java was not available.

However the downside is Vuze to Go will not be free ,the company charging $9.99 for this portable edition.Which is not very high, but many may not agree to make payment for a BitTorrent client. However Vuze are optimistic to have developed a unique solution that will enable the customer to all sides, so I hope that this initiative succeeds.

“We’ve invested in creating a portable solution that has an entirely different ease-of-use relative to any other solution in the market. We believe that if we’re solving a real problem in an elegant way, our users will be willing to pay for it.”

For those wanting to test there is a trail version that can be downloaded from the site and may be used for two weeks.

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Website: Vuze To Go