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VSDC Video Editor for iOS Free 1-year License

VSDC Video Editor for iOS Box Shot

VSDC Video Editor for iOS is an app that allows you to edit videos on the go with your iOS iPhone. It is compatible with Apple’s iOS devices.

This iOS app is great for basic operations like trimming, cropping, and rotating videos, and it also contains more complex features like adding transitions, adjusting the speed, and adding voiceovers.

Make a video out of your footage to memorialize your time spent with loved ones. You can share your movies online and watch them on your phone or tablet with high quality.

Smartphone video recording is all the rage now, and iPhones in particular are favored for this purpose due to their cutting-edge camera systems. If you want to edit videos on an iPhone or iPad and need a professional app, VSDC for iOS is your best bet.

VSDC Video Editor for iOS

You can rotate, cut, and merge videos with the help of VSDC Video Editor for iOS. This app is useful when you need sophisticated tools like picture-in-picture, speed customization, and voiceover.

If you want to add your own voice to the video you made, you can do so easily with the Record Voiceover function. In addition, it’s great for video editing thanks to features like background music and instant filters.

The app has an intuitive interface and works in both landscape and portrait orientations.

VSDC Video Editor for iOS allows you to do the following things:

Get VSDC Video Editor for iOS for Free:

Visit this giveaway page.

Scroll to the bottom of the page. Complete the form and hit the “Get License” button to obtain your free license key.

Download the VSDC app from the Apple App Store:

Launch the app and tap the cog or gear icon in the upper right corner.

Next, tap either “Buy Pro Version” or “Redeem Code.” Simply copy the key, paste it into the pop-up window, hit “Enter,” and restart the app.


VSDC Video Editor for iOS Giveaway

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