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VOVSOFT Sound Recorder Giveaway: Free License

Do you want an easy way to record audio on your computer? Vovsoft Sound Recorder is the perfect tool for anyone who needs to capture sound easily, whether they are creating tutorials, presentations, or anything else.

If you need to record audio on your Windows PC, this simplified program is a superb choice.

About VOVSOFT Sound Recorder:

With its minimalist design, this audio recorder stands out. Forget about a disorganized collection of buttons and knobs.

With the Vovsoft application, all you need is a start/stop button and a slider to control the level of the microphone. If you want to record audio without digging into the technical weeds, this simple app is for you.

Capture Microphone or Computer Audio

The features of VOVSOFT Sound Recorder extend beyond just recording from microphones. This app can also record the sounds that are playing on your computer. Recording audio from online lectures, games, or music streaming services is made easy with this.

Thanks to its WASAPI technology, this Sound Recorder can capture the sounds even without speakers connected.

Key Features for Streamlined Recording


VOVSOFT Sound Recorder Giveaway

Visit this Vovsoft Giveaway page.

Copy the license code that appears on the giveaway page.

Note: The giveaway will end on April 7, 2024.

Download the installer from here and the portable version from here.

Run the program after you’ve installed it. An activation window, like the one in the screenshot below, will appear.

Navigate to the “Enter License Key” section and input the license code.


Click the “OK” button.

That’s it!

Conclusion: The Ideal Tool for Quick and Easy Audio Recording

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use audio recording tool, Vovsoft Sound Recorder is a great option. Its simplicity and lack of gimmicks make it a great pick for beginners and anyone who values quality over quantity when it comes to recording. The Sound Recorder is an efficient and dependable choice to consider whether you need to record a webinar, podcast, or system sound.

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