Vovsoft Serial Port Monitor Free License - Reads and sends COM port data

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VOVSOFT Serial Port Monitor is a tool that can help you keep an eye on the COM ports on your computer and the serial devices that are connected to them. Keep an eye on the data that goes through a COM port with the help of this tool.

Receive and send data from and to your computer’s COM ports with the help of this simple app. You can use it to see how your computer communicates with its ports.

There are two types of this app: you can get both a standard installer version and a portable version.

Vovsoft Serial Port Monitor is an easy-to-use tool that lets you keep an eye on how much data your computer sends and receives through its COM ports. It can read data from any COM port and send any kind of data to any COM port.

When you connect, you can change things like the baud rate (the number of bits per second), the parity, the data bits, and the stop bits. This Windows software can send and receive data in ASCII text. This means it can do both. Sending text at a set interval is possible. You can change the interval in milliseconds. You can use the “Clear,” “Save to file,” and “Copy to the clipboard” buttons to get rid of things. The menu also lets you change the font and background color.

RS232 monitor
If your computer has an RS-232 port, an RS-485 port, an RS-422 port, or any other serial port device that can be monitored and controlled by this simple port sniffer program, you can use it to see and control that device.

When you use this serial port analyzer software, you can read incoming data from RX and send outgoing data to TX very quickly.

Get Vovsoft Serial Port Monitor for Free:

Download the Serial Port Monitor software from here or the portable version from here.

Install it, launch the app and click “Enter License Key”.

Copy and paste the below license code.


Click the “OK” button, and that’s it.