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Vovsoft Retail Barcode Free 1 year License: Point of sale software

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Vovsoft Retail Barcode is a simple cashier app that can help users keep track of what they’ve sold. This straightforward program is an excellent choice for any shop that uses barcodes.

This handy program makes it easy to monitor the purchases made by customers with credit cards, making it ideal for use in managing the sales of small stores.

It’s a handy way to categorize customers and keep track of their product credit purchases. Anyone who manages a store, big or small, can benefit from using the service.

It’s the best POS software for small businesses that have to deal with a wide variety of products. If a store doesn’t carry any products with barcodes, they can get around this by coming up with their own unique store code (e.g., 1, 2, 3, and so on).

Vovsoft Retail Barcode Interface & Operation:

This Windows program has a sleek and simple user interface that makes it easy to learn and use. There are big, obvious buttons for each action (e.g., products or customers).

The software comes with a wide variety of customizable interface layouts that should meet most users’ requirements. We cannot record sales data without specifying the products.

Vovsoft Retail Barcode UI

The barcode, name, and price of each product must be entered by hand, or imported from an a.csv file. After that is done, the software can keep track of normal business transactions.

Simple item selection and quantity input are all that’s required of users. Then, the software will tally up your inventory and sales for you.

A different mode of operation is the “Sell by Credit” mode. It can record unpaid product returns in this way.

The customer register is a method that works with this one. It’s a convenient way for businesses to keep tabs on customers who pay with credit cards at the register. It’s easy to keep tabs on overdue transactions with the help of this handy module.

The outstanding balance is settled once the customer has transferred the required amount. So, the same software can handle both credit card and cash transactions. You can even get reports detailing your sales for custom time periods.

Vovsoft Retail Barcode Operations

Key Features of Vovsoft Retail Barcode:

        1. Can read both barcodes and QR codes.
        2. Use Excel for importing and exporting goods.
        3. “Accept cash” or “Accept credit.”
        4. Customers can be added, removed, and changed in the credit system.
        5. Printing out receipts.
        6. Generates barcode labels.
        7. Ability to apply a coupon code at checkout.
        8. SQLite database is embedded.

Vovsoft Retail Barcode Giveaway:

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Also, you can directly download the software from here: Installer/Portable.

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