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Vovsoft Merge Multiple Folders Free License -Combines multiple folders into One

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Vovsoft Merge Multiple Folders is a tiny tool that assists users who organize their data in folders and wish to merge them into one directory.

You might sometimes go too far if you usually organize your files by putting them in folders and sub-folders. When you organize too much, you might end up with duplicates. This is easy to fix by merging the contents of the directories.

Vovsoft Merge Multiple Folders is a small Windows program that makes it easy to combine the contents of multiple folders into one. This tool puts the contents of different folders into a single folder while keeping their directory structure. With this easy-to-use software, you can merge multiple directories into one.

It can be easier to find a file or picture on your computer if you combine several folders into one. You can always copy and paste files from one folder to another, but this method is not very useful if your files are in dozens or even hundreds of different folders. Use this software to make the process easier, and then merge them all at once.

Vovsoft Merge Multiple Folders UI

This VovSoft application includes both a setup and a portable version, so it is your choice whether to install it or use the portable version. The app has an old-fashioned interface, but it is easy to use and shouldn’t confuse anyone, no matter how much experience they have with similar apps.

You can start by adding the directories you want to merge. You can use the button or drag and drop to do this. Before you merge the directories, the tool lets you choose if you want to move or copy the data, keep the structure, or merge all files with the root or target files. After you choose the target directory, you can click the “Merge Multiple Folders into One” button to finish the job.

Get Vovsoft Merge Multiple Folders for Free:

Visit this Vovsoft Giveaway page.

The giveaway page will display the license code, copy the code.

Note: This giveaway will end on March 24, 2024.

Download the installer from this link and the portable version from this link.

Install the software, and launch the app. You will notice an activation window similar to the below screenshot.

Click the “Enter License Key” button and enter the license code.


Click the “OK” button.

That’s it!

Vovsoft Merge Multiple Folders License