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Giving presentations and software demonstrations goes beyond sharing info; it’s about keeping your audience engaged and guiding them effortlessly.

Wondering how to highlight your keystrokes without diverting attention?

Meet Vovsoft Keystroke Visualizer—a straightforward yet potent Windows app. It showcases your keystrokes on the screen, making it a priceless asset for presentations and software demos.

About Vovsoft Keystroke Visualizer:

The Keystroke Visualizer goes beyond showing slides or videos. It boosts your performance by always revealing the keys you’re pressing. This lets you easily showcase shortcuts or hotkeys for your audience to adopt.

Keystroke Visualizer UI

Minimalist GUI

The app tucks away its main menu in the system tray, and you can place the window displaying pressed keys wherever you want on your screen.

This Windows app stays on top of all your open windows and can always be seen without you having to do anything else. When it sees your keyboard is idle, it hides automatically, so it won’t disrupt your presentation.

Customization and Flexibility

Keystroke Visualizer is not just a powerful tool; it’s also incredibly customizable. Tailor the on-screen display to your preferences by adjusting the font size, color, and placement.

Also, you can control the duration of keystroke visualization and set the minimum number of pressed keys required for display.

Seamless Integration with Screen-Sharing Apps

Keystroke Visualizer integrates seamlessly with popular screen-sharing applications like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, and TeamViewer.

Share your entire screen, not just a single application window, to provide your audience with a comprehensive view of your presentation.

Minor Drawback: Temporary Disabling

While Keystroke Visualizer offers a plethora of benefits, there’s one minor drawback: you cannot temporarily disable the tool without closing it entirely.

However, given its ease of use and the value it adds to presentations, this minor inconvenience is easily overlooked.

Vovsoft Keystroke Visualizer Giveaway:

Get this Windows software worth $19 for free with a license key thanks to the ongoing Vovsoft offer.

To get your free license, follow these steps:

  1. Visit this .
  2. Download the desktop installer or the portable version, depending on your preference.
  3. After the installation is complete, launch the program on your Windows PC.
  4. From the Windows taskbar jump list, locate the program icon. Right-click on it and select “Edit License” to activate the software.
  5. When the Activation Window pops up, use this license key: VZYN7-4XLWU-V2PN8.

However, act quickly, since this offer will only be available until December 3, 2023. Do not miss out – get it now!

Vovsoft Keystroke Visualizer License


Keystroke Visualizer is a great tool for presenters who want to make their audiences more efficient. Viewers may easily follow your key presses in real time thanks to the on-screen display.