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Get a $19 Vovsoft Folder Splitter License for Free

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Vovsoft Folder Splitter is a Windows tool that helps you split any large folder into multiple smaller ones based on various criteria, including size, number of files, and modification/access times.

Sometimes it’s necessary to split a big folder into multiple smaller ones. You may, of course, do this manually, but there are also applications that can do this for you. VOVSOFT – Folder Splitter is an example of such software.

Overview of Vovsoft Folder Splitter:

Portable edition:

The program’s versatility stems from its ability to be used either in an installed format or as a portable application. The latter is more practical because it doesn’t need to be set up and doesn’t leave any traces in the host system’s registry.

The software is as basic as it gets, boasting a simplistic interface with few configuration choices. Its creators clearly prioritized utility over aesthetics.

Select the main input folder and designate the destination folder where the sub-folders will be stored. The option to either copy or move is available. Once the latter operation concludes, the original folder is removed.

VOVSOFT Folder Splitter UI

Divide a folder based on specific criteria:

This Folder Splitter allows you to create sub-folders based on three criteria: file size, total file size, and creation date. You can restrict the output to a certain number of files per directory or set a maximum size for each folder.

Alternatively, you can divide a huge folder into smaller pieces based on their creation date, last change date, and last access date.

Efficiently and expeditiously Split a folder:

When it comes to VOVSOFT – Folder Splitter, there really isn’t much to say. It is exactly what its name suggests: a simple program with a simple interface whose sole purpose is to facilitate the easy division of a huge folder into several smaller ones.

Manually reorganizing your files and folders will get you the same result, but if you have a lot of data, it could take a long time to split a huge folder. VOVSOFT – Folder Splitter is one such program that can perform the work quickly and easily based on specified criteria.

Vovsoft Folder Splitter Giveaway:

Folder splitter by Vovsoft is presently free, and a lifetime license (normally $19) grants you access to all the program’s features.


Just follow these simple instructions to get your hands on this free folder splitter right away:

  1. Go to this official .
  2. Proceed with selecting your preferred option: either download the installer or choose the portable version of the program.
  3. Install the software on your Windows device and launch it.
  4. Once the Activation Window emerges (refer to the accompanying screenshot for guidance), click “Enter License Key”.
  5. Next, type in DF246-5EZBQ-8VL7G as the license key.
  6. The giveaway is scheduled to conclude on June 18, 2023.

VOVSOFT Folder Splitter License