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Vovsoft CSV to XLS Converter License Giveaway

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Vovsoft CSV to XLS Converter is an uncomplicated converter that migrates CSV files to XLS in order to help you have a better perspective on the data and an easier way to edit it.

For a limited duration, you have the exclusive opportunity to get a software license valued at $19 for free, courtesy of Vovsoft’s weekly giveaway.

About Vovsoft CSV to XLS Converter:

CSV (Comma Separated Value) files are commonly used to store and manage data in a structured format.

People who work with contacts, databases, and developers favor CSV files looking for an easy way to share data.

Dealing with CSV files can be difficult because of their plain text format, often requiring simplification and improvement for more efficient data management and editing. That’s where the CSV to XLS Converter comes in, making it simple to convert CSV files into XLS format for easier data management and editing.

Why convert CSV into XLS?

CSV files store raw text data with commas separating each field. While Excel can open CSV files, the data appears as plain text instead of organized into columns and rows. This makes it hard to get a clear picture of your information and perform tasks like sorting or filtering.

Vovsoft CSV to XLS Converter UI

CSV to XLS Converter Features:

CSV to XLS Converter is a simple tool that migrates CSV files into the Excel (XLS) format with one click. By converting the file type, it structures your raw data into an actual spreadsheet that is much easier to comprehend and work with.

The converter provides an easy-to-use interface where you can select the CSV file, choose the encoding format to match the source data and convert it to XLS with a single button press. It supports converting to Excel 97-2003 (XLS) or Excel 2007 and later (XLSX) formats.

Converting to XLS gives your data the familiar spreadsheet view within Excel. Features like auto filters, frozen row headers, and trimmed cells make the data even more accessible and manageable. No more struggling to decipher plain text tables!

Benefits of Using XLS Format

  • Easier to Read and Edit: XLS documents are more accessible and flexible for users, making it easier to read and edit data.
  • Compatibility: Various spreadsheet software can open and edit XLS files, ensuring compatibility across different platforms and devices.


Vovsoft CSV to XLS Converter Giveaway:

Thanks to the ongoing Vovsoft CSV to XLS Converter giveaway, you can get a license for this Windows software valued at $19, absolutely free.

Here’s how to claim your free license:

  1. Visit the .

  2. Choose your preferred option: the desktop installer or the portable version.

  3. Install the software on your Windows computer and open it.

  4. When the Activation Window appears, select “Enter License Key.”

  5. Use the license key: 217CM-LB1UY-EK9JS.

But don’t wait too long–this offer is valid until November 5, 2023. Get it while you can!

CSV to XLS Converter License code


In summary, the CSV to XLS Converter is a fast and simple solution for transforming hard-to-read CSV files into a spreadsheet format without complex steps. Migrating your data to Excel provides a clearer perspective and easier editing – helping you make more sense of your important information.