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Vov Alpha Blend Free License-Merge two different images

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Vov Alpha Blend is a Windows program that allows you to blend two images with a specified degree of transparency using the alpha blending technique. The program supports the PNG, BMP, ICO, EMF, WMF, and TIFF image formats.

This VovSoft makes it easy to combine two images into one, with the top image becoming transparent. You can use it to make artistic composites, or you can use one photo as a digital watermark on another.

Alpha blending, also called “alpha compositing,” is the process of putting together an image and a background image to make it look like the image is partially or completely see-through.

It is often useful to render different parts of an image in separate passes and then combine the resulting 2D images into a single, ultimate image called the composite. Vov Alpha Blend used this process on two images to make a new image file.

Vov Alpha Blend UI

The app’s goal is to be as easy to use as possible, so it’s not surprising that its user interface is similarly basic. In the program’s main window, you can select the two images you want to combine. However, you cannot use the drag-and-drop interface to choose the input files; instead, you must use the regular browsing window.

Once the images have been loaded, you can see a preview of each source image as well as a preview of the output using the current transparency settings. As you play around with the transparency, the preview image will refresh to reflect the new settings.

By employing alpha blending, Vov software combines the foreground and background images you’ve selected. We can easily save a local copy of the final composite in any of the formats usable for input.

Vov Alpha Blend Giveaway:

For a limited time, you can get a free license to this app, which normally costs $19.99, from VovSoft.

Just visit this giveaway page.

You will notice the license code and link to download the installer.

Note: The product website offers both a desktop installer and a portable version.

Download the installer: https://files.vovsoft.com/

Install the software and activate it with the license code.

Note: The giveaway will end on January 01, 2023.

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