VLC 2.1 released

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VLC 2.1 is released and now available for download, according to the developers VLC 2.1 “Rincewind” is a major new version of the popular media player. The new version adds new features , improvements and fixes to bugs appeared in previous version, this update makes the open source media player more stable and powerful.

Also VLC 2.1.0 is the first stable version officially available as apps on mobile operating systems  Android and iOS,  further this version partially ported to Windows 8 store app and WinRT.

vlc 2.1

Now VLC media technically ready for Ultra-HD video, the standout feature in VLC 2.1 is support for 4K video, the audio playback, video hardware decoding and encoding is completely revamped, this makes video playback more smooth specially on mobile devices.

Several new audio and video codecs were, VLC now supports Ulead DV Audio Indeo Audio Coder, RealAudio Lossless audio. The subtitles have also been improved thanks to the support of SCTE-27 and EIA-608. In addition AVI, MKV and MJPEG files recording has been improved, Metadata has been added to the Ogg, AVI, MP4 and MKV. With this AVI files with sound FLAC, Atrac, ADPCM, DV type 1, DV 12bits can now be read more efficiently.

Other highlights of VLC 2.1.0 include: Partial support for Qt 5.0, support for UPnP A/V subtitles, support for multiple UPnP resources on a single item, support for fragmented MP3, Blu-ray multiple video track support,enhanced volume management, support for higher sample-rates, improved support for MCE remotes on Windows, Hardware acceleration on OS X for H.264 using VDADecode, Hardware acceleration on Android Jelly Bean using MediaCodec, audio fingerprinting using AcoustID and partial support for fragmented MP4.

The list of new features is quite large, you can read the full list of VLC 2.1.0 features at the official website.

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