VLC 2.0 RC 1 Released

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VLC, the popular multimedia player is getting next major update.Videolan, the developers of open-source cross-platform media player has already released first release candidate (RC) of VLC 2.0 and it is available for download for Mac OS X, Windows and a variety of Linux/Unix desktop platforms.

The final build of VLC  2.0 will be released in this week, according to developers they are 2bugs away from the release  : one in win32 with Core i7 and one in OSX.

VLC 2.0 code-named as “twoflower” is a total rewrite of the program with new capabilities and bug fixes. The new version biggest change is a new iTunes-esque like user interface for the OS X version, Blu-ray playback support and a new native full screen mode for Lion.

While there have been no changes to the Windows interface , but it also got big features such as 64-bit version, as well as support for multiple video files found inside RAR archives.
According to VLC 2.0 [changelog], the VLC applications licences libVLC and libVLCcore have changed from GPLv2+ to LGPLv2+ allowing them to be used in non-GPL applications. The libVLCcore has also been ported to Android, iOS, OS/2 and Win64 and has been subject to a major rework and rewrite which sees subtitles and on-screen displays being sized and blended within video outputs. VLC’s caching options have been simplified from forty options to four : file, network, live and disc and the setting of HTTP server addresses, ports and other options has been centralised.

The Windows version of VLC 2.0 will now only work with Windows XP SP2 or later and the Mac OS X version will need machines capable of Quartz Extreme.

Download : VLC 2.0 RC 1 for Windows [20 MB]

Download : VLC 2.0 RC 1 for Mac OSX

Download :  VLC 2.0 RC 1 for Linux