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VLC 2.0.3 is out

VideoLAN and the VLC development released VLC 2.0.3, this  update mainly  targets the Mac OS X platform. Most improvements are for Mac OS X Mountain Lion, but also this update includes many bug fixes.

This is a minor update adding support for OS X Mountain Lion as well as improving VLC’s overall stability on OS X. Additionally, it includes a few Mac-specific bug fixes (hotkey handling, full-screen toggling when using a remote app on a phone), fixed issues with some Flash Video (flv), APE files and a small number of radio streams broadcasted through the HTTP protocol.

VLC 2.0 gray interface style

Finally,VLC Media Player  2.0.3 includes updates for 18 translations and adds support for Uzbek and Marathi. Bugs preventing the activation of the Gaelic and Thai translations in the earlier version were resolved.

But for Microsoft  Windows users , VLC 2.0.2  version remains the latest release.

Update [20/07/2012] : Now VLC 2.0.3 is available for Windows users, along with the bug fixes,On Windows 8, VLC’s interface will be drawn correctly now.

Download :  VLC 2.0.3 for Mac

Download: VLC Media Player 2.0.3 for windows (21.6 MB)
Download: VLC Media Player Portable for windows ( 19.0 MB)
Download: VLC 2.0.3 for Linux |

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