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VLC 1.1.3 released, fixes Critical Flaw

VideoLAN released VLC 1.1.3 to a patch a major flaw found by Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs security researchers on 13/8/2010 and the Flaw is named as “CVE-2010-2937 “.This vulnerability allows an attacker to execute arbitraty code or  to comprise and crash the application .

According to FortiGuard Labs, In previous VLC versions, this issue is caused by a memory corruption error in the “ReadMetaFromId3v2()” [modules/meta_engine/taglib.cpp] function within the TagLib plugin when extracting meta-information from ID3v2 tag.

Everyone know that VLC is  the most popular mediaplayer , because it is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player, that plays most multimedias files, medias and streaming protocols.

So upgrade to this new release and be secure.

VLC 1.13 release details:

Download: VLC 1.1.3

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