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VLC 1.0.2 Now Available

vLC 1.0.2
Just after 2 months from the release of VLC 1.0.1,the VLC developers released third version of the Goldeneye branch of VLC: 1.0.2.

VLC 1.0.2 is now available with an important security update and also brings 64-bit support to Mac OS X.This version also adds support to create play lists in ZPL and WPL formats, and play videos from Vimeo. In addition to all codecs , x264 have been improved and upgraded, and also adds support to Windows 7 jump list.

VLC supports almost any video and audio formats as well as DVDs and video CDs. The tool can deal with Flash videos (FLV). All those formats are natively supported by the VLC and thus you don’t need additional codecs or filters.

Download: VLC1.0.2
More info: VLC 1.0.2 changelog

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