Vista Shutdown Timer: Turn off your PC at scheduled time

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Vista Shutdown Timer is a small Freeware utility which will allow you turn off your computer at the time you specify.You can use this timer with a PC-IR Remote control.

Vista Shutdown Timer requires no installation and has an easy-to-use, self-explanatory interface with options to perform shut-down actions at a user-specified time or after the input timer has expired. You can choose to log off, restart, shut down, or simply put your computer in hibernate or standby mode. Aside from scheduling the aforementioned tasks, Vista Shutdown Timer also can execute each function instantly or use the predefined timers in minutes.

Vista Shutdown Timer

Features of Vista Shutdown Timer include:

  • Specify remaining time left (countdown timer) to shutdown or set a time to shut off PC.
  • Warning sound in the last 20 seconds before starting to shutdown system.
  • Has On Screen Display (OSD).
  • Support minimize to system tray (notification area) with system tray menu.
  • Support remote control via CIR (Consumer IR) that support macros or custom assignment of button function.
  • Able to manually kill hanging or freezing programs to force shutdown.
  • Create shortcuts with selected parameters and icons with Shortcut Wizard.
  • Support startup screen in classic mode.
  • Support command line parameters for more flexibility.
  • Able to auto shutdown mode which functions like a TV sleep timer mode.
  • No registry and .INI files added.


Supports almost all versions of Windows including Windows 2000,Windows Server 2003/2008,Windows Vista and XP, which occupies only 185 KB.

Official website :
Download: Vista-ShutdownTimer.exe