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Virtual community of Muslims

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The first virtual world for the Muslim community has been presented yesterday, following in the footsteps of other online communities such as Second Life. It is Called Muxlim Pal, this alternative world allows users to have an avatar (called pal), under which it will move to an environment that promotes Islamic culture. . The members of the community even buy things by using virtual currency to give to friends and avatars can also go to special rooms for prayer and, of course, dress according to their customs, including the hijab.

Muxlim Pal is currently in Beta phase and it is hoped that with the passage of the months it will become as popular as second life

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According to Mohamed El-Fatatry, founder of (the portal from which hangs this community), “we are not a religious site, our only goal is to focus on the Islamic way of life. As in other virtual worlds, what we offer is a friendly environment so that our community can interact with each other “. Anyway, it is important to clarify that Muxlim Pal is designed for Internet users to be Muslims, although it also accepts people of other religions.


One of the interesting features of Muxlim Pal is that each avatar has its own room to be decorated to your liking. In this room you can invite your friends to chat, make a party “virtual” or even to pray. We can decorate with furniture and objects that we have given away or even that we ourselves have bought. In addition, the room is the place chosen for you to change the look of your avatar, as they have a locker where you’ll find different types of looks (clothing, hair, accessories, etc.). For your pal.
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Another curious aspect is that you get for the first time in the virtual world have a number of currencies gift, but then you can even buy more virtual money with real money. Well, very simple, to spend on a bar in the beach areas or in special shops for the inhabitants of Muxlim Pal.

Link: Muxlim pal

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