Videos of 22 July 2009 Solar Eclipse in Asia

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Total Solar Eclipse in India

Today Millions of people across Asia witnessed the celestial spectacle. In India the eclipse began at about 5.45 a.m in surat and ended at 7.24 a.m in Arunachal Pradesh.

Although Monsoon in India dampened astro-enthusiast at some places likes Taregana,but the Holy city varanasi (kasi) got one of the best views,the solar eclipse was seen in totality for a duration of three minutes and 10 seconds.The most beautiful part of the eclipse was when sun was completely covered by the moon and the corona became visible, forming a faint crown of pearly white light.


In a tragic fallout, two people were killed at Varanasi where more than 70,000 pilgrims gathered to have a dip in the holy Ganga river.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) along with astrophysicists successfully total solar eclipse experiments by taking photos from a fighter jet and a transport aircraft. Also Scientists carried out experiments to test impact of the eclipse on animals.

Videos of Solar Eclipse in Asia:

Total View of Solar Eclipse in India

Perfect Diamond Ring phenomenon visualization in India

Total Solar Eclipse at Varanasi(India)

IAF aircraft captures total solar eclipse 41,000 feet above from ground .

IAF aircraft capturing diamond ring phenomenon.

Total Solar Eclipse in Thimphu (Bhutan)

Solar Eclipse in Dhaka (Bangladesh)

Partial solar eclipse in Manila (Philippines)

Solar Eclipse in China

Total solar eclipse in Iwo Jima Japan.