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Viber : Free Voice calls on your SmartPhone

Viber  is a famous app on  both iOS and android devices, because it lets you save money  utilising you 3G data or Wi-Fi. The app works excellently even on 2G connection, it  lets you make free phone calls and send free text messages to other users  over 3G or  Wi-Fi.


Viber is  just like Skype but Better than Skype and it is like WhatsApp but with voice calls. No registration is needed, you don’t have to add contacts afresh, it relies on the contacts you have on your phone. The app offers excellent call quality over WiFi and 3G.

Using this you can call  any other Viber user for free, and the sound quality is better than a regular call. You can call any user, anywhere in the world, and also you can send messages to them similar to whatsapp.

This Free VoIP (voice over internet protocol) app lets you make free phone calls to other users either with your mobile network (2G/3G) or with your  WiFi connection.

When you install Viber, the app automatically syncs your contact list and shows you which of your friends (if any) are already using it. You will then able to call them, even if they don’t have the  Viber app open, you can still call them provided they allows push notifications.

If  their phone is off, they will get a missed-call message the next time they connect.The call quality provider by Viber is generally excellent and better than most standard mobile calls.

Features of Viber :

Overall, Viber is a terrific way to chat to your friends online.Designed predominantly for mobile phones, there’s now also a Windows version of the app.

Download the app for android from Google Play| for iOS at App store | for Windows 7:ViberSetup.exe & for Windows 8 /10  at Windows App store

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