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Venetica - Gold Edition - Action-RPG Available for Free

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Venetica-Gold Edition, a classic action RPG from Deck13, is now free on GOG until Sunday, June 12 at 1 PM UTC.

A lot of people may have missed the game, which has a strong TES: Oblivion and Gothic flavor and features a unique protagonist in the form of the daughter of death, but it’s worth playing for hours.

This game is an action RPG with a story that pulls you in. The setting of Venetica is both emotional and action-packed. This fun adventure game puts players in the beautiful city of Venice in the 16th century, where they will find a world that is both new and full of surprises. is concluding the first week of its summer sale, and in order to stay up with the non-E3 weekend madness, they are starting their second giveaway!

There were just 32+ hours left to claim this freebie at the time this post was published. To get your free copy, visit this giveaway page: .

Go to the middle of the page by scrolling down.

You will see a banner that says “Yes, and claim the game.” Click on that button.

Sign in to your GOG account (or make a new one) and click “Yes, and claim the game” once more.

All done. You will add the game to your collection. You can keep it and play it for free as long as you want.

After you download the GOG Galaxy gaming client, install it, and sign in to your account, you can download the game and play it.

Also, you can visit the game page:

Venetica - Gold Edition Game Play

About Venetica – Gold Edition:

It takes place in a fantastic 16th-century Venice, where the player is Scarlett, the daughter of Death. She has to fight a threat that couldn’t be any worse… A Necromancer took Death’s supernatural powers and used them to make himself immortal. He and his men can only be stopped by a hero with equal power. Scarlett has no choice but to answer.