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Finally after releasing 10 ten release candidate builds , uTorrent’s developers has released the final and stable version of uTorrent 3.1 . Those who don’t know uTorrent is free and most popular bittorent client with With over 100 million active monthly users worldwide.

uTorrent 3.1 Stable version will focus on minor fixes and improvements from the recent 3.0 release, and includes the ability to easily drag and drop contents onto Apple (via iTunes), Android (directly) and PS3 andXBOX (via USB) for file types that are within the target formats, and a free built-in Player.

uTorrent 3.1 Stable Release highlights:

    1. New: Devices node allows you to add a target device such as an Apple
      device, and then drag in-format content to that device.  The devices node
      is hideable.
    2. New: Free built-in player
    3. New: BEP33 (DHT scrape)
    4. Change: Disk I/O optimization
    5. Fix: Shutdown Hangs
    6. Change: Opening >10 torrent folders now asks you “are you sure?” to avoid opening hundreds of windows
    7. Fix: downloads now show up in the RSS feed view
    8. Change: Speed tab is now shown by default
    9. Fix: DHT responses would sometimes be invalid
    10. More efficient format for saving resume data will reduce CPU/disk contention
    11. UI optimizations make torrent pane update drastically faster for
      updating many torrents

Note : For users who’d like to remove the Plus information pane, you can hide it by right clicking on the button and selecting “Hide Plus Information.” The devices pane can be removed the same way.

Apart from built in media player and support for external devices,the big news is µTorrent Plus,a paid client which is priced at $24.95 per year.µTorrent Plus has lot of new features, such as video transcoding,media playback features,integrated antivirus from BitDefender, which automatically scans your torrents so you know they’re safer. Another is a drag-and-drop file convertor that lets you move your torrent content onto devices such as TVs,Xbox360,PS3 smartphones and tablets.Users who now visit the uTorrent website can see uTorrent free and the plus version.

“Our goal was to enhance µTorrent to be a powerful tool that lets you free your personal content from the PC,” said Jordy Berson, director of product management for µTorrent. “Plus adds key features needed to accomplish this, and then adds security to keep you safer.”
Berson continues, “At the core of µTorrent Plus is always the foundation: µTorrent. We are just as enthusiastic as ever about developing and growing the free software as well as building upon µTorrent Plus.”

µTorrent Plus Features :

  • File conversion: Transcode downloaded files right within the µTorrent Plus software. Initial supported codecs include: MPEG-4, H.264, Theora, and VP8 video codecs; MP3, AAC and AC-3 audio codecs. With these codecs, µTorrent Plus enable users to convert files and shift them easily to Apple, Android, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 devices.
  • Antivirus: Powered by BitDefender, the built-in antivirus automatically scans downloaded files for hidden viruses and malware and handles any detected infections.
  • Integrated HD media player: Download a file and play it immediately in standard definition or high-definition, within the µTorrent software.
  • Remote downloading: µTorrent Plus users will unlock a new feature in the popular µTorrent Remote Web service. In addition to nearly full remote control of their home torrent client through any supported browser, µTorrent Plus users will also have the ability to download files from their home torrent library to the remote computer.

Download : uTorrent 3.1 Stable