USB Vaccine : Antivirus for USB Pendrives

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usb vaccine
Now a days  every one is using  USB pen drive for data storage and data transfers, it is very common that these USB drives can quickly get infected by virus , so the spreading of a virus is only a matter time.

These viruses take advantage of the Autorun.inf file that allows you to run a program when you connect a USB device or insert a CD or DVD.So this file(Autorun.inf ) is modified by the worm to “auto-infect” computers.


To protect ourselves from these attacks, Panda Software, recognized creator of antivirus has developed antivirus for USB drives called USB Vaccine

USB Vaccine is a free Antivirus tool for USB Drives

It’s mode of operation is very simple and consists of two options:
1. Disabling auto-execute of autorun.inf when connected to any pc’s
2.Disabling auto creation of autorun.inf files in USB drives.

Download : USB Vaccine