USB Network Gate : Share or Connect USB over Network

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USB Network Gate provides you with the possibility to connect to and work with remote USB devices over the network. Doesn’t matter if you are using LAN, Wi-Fi or Internet, it is very easy to connect to any remote USB device and use it as if it was connected to your computer physically.

Not all devices are designed to be redirected from one computer to another over the network. If you need to use an MFD, scanner, webcam, or else on different computers all over the office you can’t really carry them back and forth or to another floor. To solve this issue  USB Network Gate  is developed, which can redirect a USB device to any computer at your firm, no matter if it is on the other floor or in a different building.

usb network gate


It is very simple: just install USB Network Gate on a computer with physically connected device that you want to share and on the computer you want to use that device at. USB Network Gate will organize the connection and you will be able to use the shared device on a remote machine as if it was plugged in it directly.

USB Network Gate lets you:

1.Share USB device from any computer with any remote computer

Redirect USB devices over local network or Internet and use them on remote computers as if those devices were physically present there. USB Network Gate allows sharing various devices, such as scanners, MFD, webcams, and others.

2.Use USB devices on virtual machines and blade servers

USB Network Gate can redirect USB devices from host OS to virtualization platform. You can use redirected devices in virtual session as if they were connected directly to your virtual machine. USB Network Gate works with VMware ESX/ESXi, Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft Hyper-V, etc.

3.Access USB over RDP

Using USB devices in remote desktop session is very easy with USB Network Gate. You can work with local USB devices on a remote machine as if they were connected to it physically.

USB Network Gate is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows systems, which makes possible sharing devices from one OS type to another. This indeed makes USB Network Gate a versatile product solving any task you may think of.