Upload Mirrors-upload files to 12 different sites at once

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Upload Mirrors is a free online webs service that allows you to upload your files to 12 different file hosting sites with a single click or one single upload.

12 File hosting sites Include:

  1. RapidShare
  2. Megaupload

  3. sendSpace
  4. EasyShare
  5. DepositFiles
  6. ZShare
  7. MegaShare
  8. NetLoad
  9. FlyUpload
  10. UploadedTo
  11. Badongo
  12. ZippyShare

This service provides very simple interface, to use this tool there is no need to register.


Just go to the homepage of the site,select the file that you want to upload by clicking Browse button and select the file hosting sites (rapidshare or Megaupload ..e.t.c ) then click upload button. Once uploading completed it gives us the link to download the file from file hosting sites .

If the file is large it will alert us by email after upload is complete and send us the download link.

This site very interesting and unusual because it can greatly speed up the upload procedures that are in practice by skipping several steps, such as registration or login to the service. A very useful tool, especially for those who frequently upload files to different file hosting sites.

Link: Upload Mirrors