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Upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 for free

Are you thinking about buying a computer with Windows vista? Perhaps at present it is not a bad idea ,because Microsoft is going to launch a promotion in the coming days, especially on June 26 in the case when buying a computer with Vista, will provide an update called “Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program “which allows you to upgrade to a version of Windows 7 for free, when you go on sale.

PC manufacturer Acer has already begun promoting this initiative in Australia, by offering marketing materials advertising the debut of the program. “Beginning June 26, 2009, customers who purchase a qualifying ACER Vista-based PC will receive a comparable version of Windows 7 when available,” reads the message of a slip included with new purchased Acer computers.

Update [31/05/2016] : If you are looking to download  Windows 7  / Windows 8 ISO images easily, then use this free & tiny tool called Windows ISO Downloader.The upgrade paths are straightforward:

1. Windows Vista® Home Premium -> Windows® 7 Home Premium
2. Windows Vista® Business -> Windows® 7 Professional
3. Windows Vista® Ultimate -> Windows® 7 Ultimate

Systems running Vista Home Basic will not qualify,Windows 7 is expected to be launched in December, so you have almost half a year to buy a computer with windows vista which will be updated to Windows 7 for free.


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