Updates on ArcaVir Security Software Giveaway

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On Thursday, I made a review and arranged a giveaway on ArcaVir Security Softwares

Review and Giveaway of ArcaVir Security Softwares

Observing the positive response from the readers of this blog, Ravindran from ArcaVir Asia have arranged 30 more licenses of the softwares; 15 each for ArcaVir Internet Security and ArcaVir System Protection as these two seems to be most popular. He has also asked me to run the giveaway for two more weeks.


The Giveaway will now run for 21 days that is upto 17th Nov and there are now total 60 licenses of ArcaVir Products, 25 each for ArcaVir Internet Security and ArcaVir System Protection and 10 for ArcaVir Antivirus Protection.

The main post has also been updated with this information.


      1. Thanks a lot Bro.Many of indian product are good.
        I think Arca the also very good.I would like to try it

  1. I’ve never read anything about this virus, but at first glance seems quite complete. My preferences are:
    1) ArcaVir System Protection.
    2) ArcaVir Internet Security
    3) ArcaVir Antivirus.

  2. Please this antivirus protection is the best solution to protect your digital world I trust on Arca systems

  3. Hello I would love to participate and try this step be that this is antivirus. I’d settle for the basic Antivirus. Thanks for the opportunity. Good blog, greetings.

  4. torello, next time please read the post properly. You are not supposed to post here. Anyway you are in.

  5. I have not received an email with the code, and I am the winner of the Arca AV. Maybe I searched wrong or that went to the junk mail?

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