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Update Freezer is  a small freeware utility which helps you to temporarily disable different kinds of automatic software updates for windows OS.

You can simply undo this process in just a few clicks.It can even disable the automatic updates for products such as Google,Adobe,Java,Firefox,Windows and Skpe.The software package has no bloatware, advertising or any other kind of bundled software.

Yes, it is necessary to have all critical software updates switched on,but there are situations when you need this tool, for example:

  • Internet connection is very slow and expensive. Automatic updates may cause significant more traffic without your permission.
  • You want to keep system configuration intact for some time. Like you have prepared some presentation for tomorrow and want your PC to behave tomorrow exactly as today.
  • You are bored of updates and want to allow them on-demand: install updates when you need them.

Download Update Freezer 1.6