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With the ever growing challenge of modern malwares, the tasks of anti-malware companies are getting harder. Cleaning malware infections or protecting from malware attack is not a easy job. It requires 100% commitment. So, it is quite unbelievable to get all that for free. But here comes the competition thing. To attract users purchasing their products almost all antivirus companies have released some free removal tools to clean specific malware infections. Some of these removal tools are capable of cleaning all kinds of known malware like that from Kaspersky, Dr Web, Norman, eScan, ESET, ArcaVir, Emsisoft, Malwarebytes, Superantispyware, Vipre etc. Removal tools are not capable of stopping malware threats from infecting the system. So, some companies went a bit further and released free antivirus with real-time protection but with limited features compared to the paid alternative. Examples are Avast, Avira, AVG, Panda, Microsoft, Returnil, Outpost, Forticlient, Lavasoft, Comodo, Immunet, CMC Infotec, Rising, Zillya, ZenOK, Spyware Terminator, PC Tools, Preventon, Digital Defender, Nano, Celframe, Clearsight etc. AVSoftware, a Bulgarian company, have recently joined the same trend by releasing a free edition of their UnThreat AntiVirus.

UnThreat AntiVirus although a new face in antivirus company have already featured in Virus Bulletin and scored very high in RAP index and also have achieved a VB100 award. Actually they are using VIPRE engine (Sunbelt/GFI) along with their own in-house techniques and has scored a bit higher than Vipre in RAP index.

The UnThreat AntiVirus Free is fully featured.

Unthreat also comes in two other flavors:


System Requirements

I have tried the software already in a virtual machine.

  • The installer UTFree.exe is 86.170Mb in size [MD5: 2200918c528399f0d484772fa206a4e1]. Download it from here


  • Installation went smooth but it will try to install Google Toolbar. So be sure to clear the checkbox if you don’t need it.

  • The interface is fairly nice and attractive, in a dappled grey shade with large, clear buttons and icons. The layout is lucid and sensible. Few important screenshot can be seen below.


  • During my testing I have enabled on-access scan. I have tried to unzip files containing malwares which it instantly blocks.


  • the blocked files were sent to the quarantine. There is no option to turn off the auto response of the software.

  • I found the software lighter while its not scanning. In idle time it consumes around 40Mb RAM and no CPU while during scanning it consumes around 200Mb RAM and 10% CPU.
  • I have found three bugs in the program, firstly no context menu entry is there even if there is mention of context menu scan. Secondly, manual update is not working but the software indeed auto updates. Third, You will not be able to delete files from quarantine individually although there is a button to do so. I have reported the bugs to the support and they have replied within 2 hours in this weekend saying that it will be fixed soon.

The software might have some fallback in this very first build but is worth trying because of its high detection. With the coming builds we can expect it to get better. It indeed has the potential to be one of the best freeware antivirus available these days.




I forgot to see the license agreement during installation of this antivirus. “This installer uses the OpenCandy network to recommend other software you may find valuable during the installation of this software.”

Actually I was informed by my friend leofelix when he and also me find recommendation of Driverscanner 2011 during installation in Windows 7.

There has been a lot of discussions for and against the argument that Opencandy is an an Adware.

You might find this articles useful to make your decision.






I would rather suggest you to stay in the safe side and block opencandy.com using hosts file

Read here about the way to modify hosts file


add the following entry opencandy.com


Have a nice and safe day






They seem to have updated this version and has disabled the auto-update feature from the free version.


  1. This is not a bad thing. Vipre doesn’t offer a free edition of their products. For users, this means they will have more choices in free malware protection.

  2. Who care’s if it does look like Madonna or Britney!
    Under the hood its a good software. It could be better and improve on.

    The scan engine could be faster and not running on some turtle mode. The Active Protection is half baked – the on-access and behavior blocker is not enabled by default.

    I’m not so sure if the heuristics is on automatic in real-time.

    This free edition is very much like Vipre Antivirus 2012. The engine could be of Vipre 4.1 but the definition update are the same.

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