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Uniblue DriverScanner 2012  is a system drivers updating software that helps you to improve your PC performance. Keeping your drivers up-to-date improve your PCs performance and stability. Normally old drivers or drivers with bugs may lead to unexpected crashes, vulnerable to errors and harms to your systems performance.

Updating drivers is not just an important part of PC maintenance but also a first line treatment for hardware problems and a reliable way of increasing your computer’s stability and performance. Produced by device manufacturers, drivers are essential for Windows to communicate with computer hardware. While first generation drivers can be unrefined and problem ridden, device manufacturers often release driver updates to improve device function and remove bugs and errors. Thus, the more recent the driver, the better your device will run and your computer perform.

Although driver updates are free, but manually searching and finding  updates for  outdated drivers takes a lot of time and sometimes you may end-up with fake drivers that crash your system.

DriverScanner 2012 helps users to avoid these problems and allows them to update PC drivers with a single click. It makes the driver update process simple and hassle free by scanning your whole PC for outdated drivers and provides a list of drivers that need to be updated.

DriverScanner has  easy to use interface and apart from scanning & updating drivers, it also offers options to backup and restore drivers. Some times driver update may also cause problems, in that cast you can use the backup option.Also the software offers a scheduler to scan for driver updates.

key features of DriverScanner 2012 :

  1. An elegant, easy to use interface
  2. Quick and secure driver downloads
  3. Inbuilt reporting system for bad drivers
  4. Automatic Scheduled scans.
  5. Check all your drivers with one mouse click!,
  6. Find updated drivers for all the devices on your PC
  7. Backup & Restore drivers
  8. Better computer performance and stability
  9. Better hardware compatibility and reduced system conflicts
  10. New device capabilities or unlocked features
  11. Localized in 19 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese,Japanese, Polish, Finnish, Brazilian Portuguese, Greek,Turkish,Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional)
  12. Works also on Windows 7 and vista
  13. 64-bit support

DriverScanner 2012 Free 1 year License Read more:

Generally a 1 year license of Uniblue DriveScanner will cost around $30, but interested can get this software for free with below limited time period promo.
Note : This Country Specific promo set by Computershopper, so we have to use U.K Proxies to grab the free offer.

  1. Visit below any one of the U.K web Proxies

  3. Now copy this URl : and enter this link in the URL box of the Proxy page and click “Go” button.
  4. Note : In options, select ” Encode page”

  5. Next click on “Get your Free product” and fill the required fields in the form like valid email ID (don’t change the country) and finally click on “Complete Registration” button.
  6. Now within few seconds you will receive an email from Uniblue with DriverScanner 2012 serial number.
  7. Download Uniblue DriverScanner 2012 v 4.0.3 (5.7 MB)


  1. Exercise caution when updating the drivers.This is not a renewal programs.Different drivers must also be compatible with each other.
    UNIBLUE is not very good for this job.Make sure you get all the drivers before updating backups.UNIBLUE don’t do this.Restore point is not enough.
    PS. UNIBLUE not work with Eset Nod correctly.

  2. Thanks for the Info. Driver updates through 3rd party is always risky business especially for starters. So be careful.

      1. I encountered two problems when using this software and I have a strong feeling those problems are related to the drivers or the operating system, not the software it self.

        I was a huge fan of DriverMax before it crippled my PC causing the same issues I experienced while using Uniblue DriverScanner. The difference is Unibule DriverScanner handled those problems efficiently while DriverMax failed.

        I strongly recommend Uniblue Driver Scanner to any one in need of updating the device driver in his/her PC.

        There’s no such thing called perfect software. The performance of a given application depends on the hardware it runs upon and in rare occasions may not fit every PC out there. It’s not fair play to judge a computer programme without testing it thoroughly.

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