UnHackMe Anti Rootkit Tool Free for 180 Days

UnHackMe Anti Rootkit Tool Free for 180 Days

December 21, 2017 Off By Ramakanth

UnHackMe is an extra layer security solution for your Windows that works in conjunction with your existing antivirus or Internet security suite.

This security tool is compatible with all popular antivirus software’s, according to the developer it was originally created as anti-rootkit software and now UnHackMe is turned into an all-in-one toolbox for removing malware.

The software identifies and protects your windows system against malicious software such as rootkits, Trojans, Spyware, keyloggers, unwanted processes, Popup ads, and PUPs.

It’s the only rootkit killer which monitors your system in real-time to detect and removes rootkit infection.The detection method of UnHackMe is very thorough, it double checks the Windows-based system.

This Anti-rootkit software has a tab-based user-friendly interface, so its easy to use all features and options of the program.To scan your system for malicious programs hit the ‘Check Me Now’ button.

The software offers four options to scan your PC: multi-antivirus scan, Anti-Malware scan, Scan int the safe mode and scan before windows starts. Scanning your system with this tool doesn’t slow down your or PC affect performance of the other apps running on your system as this security tool uses very light system resources.

UnHackMe also has ‘Reanimator’ feature, which performs fully spyware check and the built-in backup & restore feature allows you to doesn’t system files and recover Windows to a previous state in case of a virus attack.


  1. Easy to use interface
  2. Rootkit revealer that can actually remove rootkits
  3. Detects and removes variety of malware including Trojans and PUP
  4. Very light on the system resources.

Overall,  UnHackMe is a useful and lightweight security tool that protects your Windows system from harmful rootkits.

UnHackMe Anti-Rootkit Tool Free for 180 Days:


Update[21/12/2017]: A new giveaway version, this one is for the English version. So, just download installer from here, next activate with this code: U950-DE20-HAPY-NY18


Normally the developer of this program offers only 30 days trial, but a Russian website is giving away 180 days evaluation version. You can download the 180 days trial version of UnHackMe directly from here (click this link).

Note: This giveaway version is available in Russian interface, but you can change interface language to English, watch below video.