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Some times you may delete  Important files or data accidentally and you can restore the file using a recovery software, but not all recovery software’s can able to restore  deleted files, you need a professional software and O&O UnErase 6 is on such powerful data recovery software which lets you recover accidentally deleted files.’

Normally O&O UnErase 6 cost around $29.95, but every one can get O&O UnErase 6 Personal Edition for free with below free offer from O&O software.

I think every one know that any system doesn’t physically remove file when you delete it, even when you erase from the Recycle Bin. Windows just releases that file space for reuse and it stops listing the file in Windows Explorer , but the file still remains there.

O&O UnErase takes this advantage and analyzes your hard drive to finds the “deleted” files and restore those deleted files within just a matter of seconds. In almost the blink of an eye, important documents, digital photos, and videos will be back in your hands again.

O&O UnErase 6 makes the restoration of deleted data very easy , With the of it’s one-of-a-kind algorithm. The original filename and directory structure are also restored as if nothing had been deleted in the first place.

Key Features

  • Fully compatible with Windows 7,windows server 2008 R2, vista and XP
  • Simple and intuitive user interface similar to that of Windows-Explorer.
  • Supports all Windows supported file systems (except exFAT).
  • Supports all Windows file systems on all hard drives, removable media, floppy drives, memory cards and most digital cameras.
  • Improved search algorithms for texts within files; able to correctly recognize even non-Ansi text.
  • Recovery on network drives (Shares and UNC).
  • Recovery of deleted files and folders.


How do I get O&O UnErase 6 for free ?

  1. First visit this promo page, then submit the form by entering your Name & email ID
  2. With in 2 Minutes you will get O&O UnErase 6 License code & registration details from O&O software.
  3. Now to download the installation file,visit this page enter your email ID & License code to download the installation file
  4. Alternatively you can download it from below links
  5. OOUnErase6Enu.exe (32 bit version)
    OOUnErase664Enu.exe (64 bit version)

  6. Install it and activate the software with your License code

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