Ulysse Speedometer : Amplifies your Driving Experience

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Ulysse Speedometer is a free Android application that will be useful to anyone who drives a car or bike, the app mainly helps  people who travel a lot or people planning trips once in a year or on an occasion. Ulysse Speedometer  out lights  how much speed you are  going, how much you travel, each trip you have gone and it will  track  everything that you with your car of your driving , your speed, all of the length you have gone and even which way you are going, which is really really nice and it’s a free app.

Generally some cars speedometer will have variations and errors, but Ulysse speedometer will provide you a GP-assisted speedometer which will be more accurate than the factory fitted speedometer in your car. You can even use the app to notify you (if you want it to), every time when you cross the speed limit in a particular region. Multiple trip settings and the latest version also adds the ability to access the phone dialer and contacts within the app, providing quicker access while you may be at the wheel.

Ulysse Speedometer User Interface :

On launching the app you will notice a big speedometer waiting for a reliable GPS signal, it will also display  your car/bike current speed and maximum speed, beneath you will notice compass and GPS indicator. After getting reliable signal, the GPS indicator will show distance from ground level or sea level.

Regarding Compass, it doesn’t change when I turned the device, always indicating  North direction and I don’t know whether it doesn’t support my device (Nexus 5) or it has some problems. Tapping on the compass will show the average speed meter.

Ulysse Speedometer

Further  you will notice the  time & distance travelled indicator  called  ‘Trip’, initially it will be set to zero and below it will see the today’s traveled distance & time, if you slide it left side, you will get the yesterdays travelled distance, if you slide it further, you will see total of last week, last month and year or total distance of everything that you have driven with this app.

Next to the “trip” indicator, you will notice the moving speed and average of overall speed. Also there is a battery indicator which is really crucial as these types of GPS apps consume a lot of battery, you can turn off the app if your battery level is low.

Now on tapping or touching the ‘big speedometer’ icon on the main screen, you will get a honeycomb interface where you will do all your settings and options. There you will notice Night mode, reset Max speed, alarms, Profiles , back (lets you go back to main screen), HUD, Units, Communication apps, Navigation apps , Menu, Exit and all other good stuff.

If you are in India or Europe, you can change the speed unit from mph to KM/H through ‘units’ option, to turn on speed limit you can use the ‘ Alarms’ option. There is also our old favorite, a HUD mode as well , that projects the speed on the windscreen, but really usable only after the sun has gone down.

At the bottom of the main page of the app, you will see ads occasionally, as its a free app, the developer gets support through these ads. If you wish to avoid them, you can go for the pro version, which costs just RS 69.But be aware that, this app uses GPS connectivity and not only it will  consume a lot of battery, but also the phone will heat up considerably more than usual

Conclusion :

If you can be travelling soon or If you do travel a lot or or even if you gona travel once, you should definitely try Ulysse Speedometer, because it will be really cool to see the speed compared to cars speed, the distance you travelled and it will help you to calculate the fuel/gas consumption etc.

Driving isn’t just a boring activity of sitting down, shifting gears and turning the steering in hopefully the right direction. If you have nice Android smart-phone and definitely the ‘ Ulysse Speedometer’ app will amplify your entire experience.

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