Ubuntu 11.04 final released

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Canonical today released the final version of Ubuntu 11.04, codenamed as ‘Natty Narwhal’. Ubuntu is most famous among other Linux distributions because of implementation of user friendly interface similar to Windows and another reason is “Ubuntu ShipIt service”, which will send Ubuntu OS CD for free any where in the world without any shipping charges.

But the sad thing is, now Canonical stopped ShipIt service , Thanks to Canonical for continuing this service for almost 6 years. ShipIt service was launched in 2005 and have shipped millions of CDs to every country in the world.

So, Ubuntu 11.04 is the first release that you can’t get CD’s shipped for free, but you can download the image and burn it on CD/DVD to install the OS.

Talking about Natty Narwhal version 11.04 released as per schedule and is available for download for laptops, desktops, netbooks and servers.

Ubuntu 11.04 key (New) Features :

  1. The biggest change is Ubuntu 11.04 uses a new form of desktop called “Unity”
  2. Banshee is the default music player replacing Rhythmbox music player
  3. Libreoffice is the default office suite replacing Open office
  4. Linux Kernel 2.6.38
  5. Other New Features include : Improved default them, 17 new wallpapers , Mozilla Firefox 4.0 s the default web browser,better support for iPhone , improved installer and many more improvements.


Download or upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 :

If you are Ubuntu 10.10 or any stable version just go to Update Manager and click ‘Upgrade’ to Ubuntu 11.04. For faster upgradation I will suggest you to login in to any command terminals ( eg:Ctrl +Alt+F1) and enter “sudo do-release-upgrade” (without quotes).

Those who are not using Ubuntu, use Ubuntu and installation of Ubuntu is very easy similar to Windows 7 and more secure. You can install it on your exisitng Windows PC, the interface of Ubutnu is very much similar to windows and you can do anyting what you do on your Windows system , except high end Gaming.

Download Ubuntu 11.04 from releases.ubuntu.com or from below direct torrent links.

Download Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal (32 bit)

Download Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal (64 bit)