Get Twitter updates via SMS

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If you want  to get Twitter users updates on your mobile, then twitter itself providing  a hassle free  way to get  updates on your mobile without need of  any mobile applications, all you need to do is just send SMS and follow the updates. Also Twitter does not charge for this service.

But there is a limitation, currently only 8 countries users can get updates on their mobile, yeah India is in that list, but limited to Airtel customers,  Thanks to Airtel.

Below Image provides the list of countries, Mobile carrier and local Message center code


How to get Twitter user updates via SMS on your Mobile

  • First go to SMS section  in your mobile and headover to “Create a Text Message”.
  • Now type “follow twitterusername” ,(twitterusername = the user you want to follow) and send the SMS to your country local carrier number listed in below  image,
  • Example:

    If you are in India and you want to get updates of techno365 on your Mobile

    Then type follow techno365 and send it (SMS) to 53000