In todays ever-emerging market of antivirus, the number of companies actually developing standalone engines are smaller in number. Most license existing engines and often add some in-house technologies for further betterment. Twister Anti-TrojanVirus from Filseclab is one of the product in that rare class. Filseclab used to be famous for its free personal firewall which they have not updated since July, 2005. Anyway its antivirus though less known is quite efficient in its category. Moreover its probably the unique antivirus that offers lifetime licensing.

Features and opinion

  • Clean interface! Offers skinning. Six skins are there to choose from:

  • The protection of Twister consists of three layers.
  1. Anti-Trojan & Virus
  2. FDD System
  3. Registry Protector
  • Anti-Trojan & Virus part consists of signature/generic/heuristic detection which is supported by a rapid update system. The automatic updater is set to update every 3 hours. You can submit suspicious files by just pressing Ctrl+Shift+E and submit false detections by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F. The submission is limited to 10 files at one time, and the total size is limited to 50Mb. While uploading it also checks if it is detected in the cloud and if it has already been uploaded before. It also has a quarantine manager and schedules scan options.

  • FDS System or Filseclab Dynamic Defense System is the behavior blocker of Twister Antivirus. You can make it’s sensitivity to vary within three levels. Whenever FDSS detects anything it alerts for action to take and scans it in the cloud and asks to submit that.

  • A lot of trojans or viruses are like to hijack the Windows Registry for getting more chances to launch themselves, and have others like to modify important data section for letting Windows depend on them, therefore, the Windows will be paralysis if you cleaned them. So, there may make more serious problems after the trojans or viruses cleaned. The Registry Protector can fix these problems. It can also detect the unknown trojans, spywares and viruses. It will intelligently analyze these data when it detected the questionable value of Registry, and it will be able to locate the suspect files based on the questionable value. In my experience the registry protector pop-up might be confusing for less techie users there needs to be some information of what it could do.

  • A lot more customizations can be performed from the options menu. The software keeps log of detections and online submission.

  • Twister has a Registry Fix Tool that provides a group of commands to fix a lot of problems with Windows and its Registry, in addition, it can also optimize Windows for getting better performance.


  • If you have trusted some FDDS and registry protector detection mistakenly, you will be able to edit them on-demand.

  • It has two tools:
  1. Power Removal Tool to remove stubborn malware.
  2. Process Viewer.


  •  It has a options menu with nice customizations.

  • Computer Virus Immunity: Virus Immunity originates from biological immunity technology, like as the antibody will be produced after vaccination. Computer Virus Immunity is similar feature, the purpose is making the computer producing antibody for anti-unknown viruses. The general anti-virus software only can anti-known viruses and the frequent update is required, so, the viruses will get more chances to spread. The virus immunity can anti-unknown viruses even the virus definition did not update. Twister will save some kernel data of EXE/SCR/COM files as DNA, the infection of viruses will change the files’ DNA, once a file’s DNA was changed and detected by Twister, the Twister will alert this file immunity has been damaged.This fearure is not enabled by default, because it is very difficult to differentiate infection and normal operation, usually it will make some misjudgments especially for frequent installation some software. However, it is very useful for the operation system that the software is not frequent change.
  • It also offers an “Extended Virus Definition” that includes very sensitive rules, such as Packer etc, and should be used only for strict security because it will increase the number of false positives.
  • The software lacks any white-list signatures and web traffic scanning but that does not reduce its efficiency.
  • It supports only 32 bit windows. 64 bit support will be there in coming v8.
  • The webpage and the help file are backdated.
  • It offers offline database files for use to offline PC.
  • The software installation requires a reboot after product launch not right after installation.
  • The antivirus is quite light on resources. It runs 3 processes at idle time: Twister.exe, TPAutoConnSvc.exe, TPAutoConnect.exe acquiring a total of 15Mb RAM and 0% CPU usage.  Scan time is pretty fast.
  • Twister Antivirus registers in Windows Security Center or Action Center. It is not meant to run with another antivirus.
  • It supports a wide range of windows, Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/VISTA/Windows7/Windows2008.
  • Twister antivirus has 90 days trial version which can be registered with the following license


  • In my personal tests it performs excellently (~99% detection) against 2/3 years old malware. 80% detection on 1-2 months old malware and 40% detection against old malwares. But don’t take my test as an authentic one as I tested with very small malware sets and also I haven’t done any execution of those samples. I am sure most of the undetected ones would get caught by its behavior blocker. Thanks to its  layered security, users should concern very little about its signature detection. The good part is that they are very fast at adding malwares in database. I have created a short video on my experience with Twister.


Christine Liang from Filseclab have agreed to contribute 120 one year licenses of this antivirus. If you are interested in having a license, follow the following things.

  • Tell me your present security setup.
  • Optionally share this news to wherever you can and let me know about your share.

The licenses are for one PC but these can be used on offline PC and is transferable to other PC. Also there is no shelf-life. You can activate it any time.

The giveaway will run until 31st January, 2012. winners will be randomly chosen.



The number of licenses have been increased and the number of days of giveaway too…:-)


Happy New Year in advance!