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TwistedBrush Liquid Studio Free License- Digital Art Software

Liquid Studio Box Shot

TwistedBrush Liquid Studio is a Windows app that helps you better shape the things you draw and make sure they have soft, crisp lines that make the object or subject look lighter and more appealing.

Using this app, you can quickly model objects and then paint them with different specialized brushes so that the lines aren’t masked.

This digital art software is based on TwistedBrush Pro Studio but focuses on creating individual objects that may be used in other Pro Studio or art tools. It allows you to create and form your things, then paint them with the supplied brushes for sharp lines like in illustration software, without the need to mask. Even after painting, you can shape your items.

Liquid Studio comes with three main art sets: model, Paint, and utility. It also comes with five user art sets that each have 60 brush slots. As with other of Pixarra’s studio-focused products, Liquid Studio offers a simple, intuitive design that makes it easy to work quickly. There are both dark and bright colour schemes to choose from.

Now that User ArtSets are accessible, you may ask where to get new brushes. Brushes can be obtained via the Pixarra forum, imported from Pro Studio, or edited directly in Luminance Studio using the Pro Studio’s Brush Effects system.

Liquid Studio Features:

Get TwistedBrush Liquid Studio v4 for Free:

Download the Liquid Studio installer from the developer page [30.7 MB].

Run the installer, finish the installation process, and launch the app.

You will notice a window similar to the below screenshots.

Click the “Enter Key” button and enter the below license code.


Hit the “OK” button, and that’s it.

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