TuneUp Utilities 2010 free Product Key

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Last year for Christmas ‘Chip Mag’ provided TuneUp Utilities 2009 for free, now once again for this Christmas Chip Magazine is Giving away TuneUp Utilities 2010 for free, allthough it is not the latest version but it works well with Windows 7 and tweaks the Windows system to run at its peak performance.

According to my experience TuneUp Utilities 2010 is better in handling Windows 7 compared to latest version 2011

Among Windows tweaking and optmizing utlittes, TuneUp is always rated as top product for best-in-class performance and special features that its competitors are lacking.

TuneUp Utilities 2010 optimizes your machine for faster, healthier, and smoother performance.


TuneUp Utilities 2010 free License :

  1. First visit this promo page, enter your email ID, captcha code and click on ‘Produktschlüssel anfordern’ button.
  2. Now you will see a highlighted, once again enter your email ID and click “Arrow (→)” button.
  3. Instantly you will get a conformation email from ‘Tuneup’, click the link to see ‘TuneUp Utilities 2010′ product key or License.
  4. Download TuneUp Utilities 2010

  1. In my opinion you get the prog for 1 year and not for an unlimited period of time. Anyhow, not too bad. Maybe when you use the serial it will last longer than 1 year. You never know. The rest of my text is copied from the Chip.de website and talks about the 1 year period of time.
    “Die leistungsstarken “TuneUp Utilities 2010″ bringen jeden XP-, Vista- und Windows 7-PC auf Vordermann. Am Weihnachtstag erhalten Sie das Programm exklusiv und mit einem Jahr Laufzeit kostenlos bei CHIP Online zum Download.”

    1. Key you get doesn’t work with version provided on the link, but it works with german version for which you get link in mail when you register

  2. Can anyone confirm license work’s with eng installer
    I could only activate with german chip installer last night.I DONT SPEAK GERMAN.

  3. As we know this not the latest version TU. Yet it is better to have legally TuneUp Utilities 2010 then 2011 as pirated. But I have some questions likw:
    1. Will I get all features like technical support
    2. Upgrading to future at a discounted rate etc.
    If we are gonna these services then what’s the use of using TU2010.

  4. Key not working-says you have to run an update check first-clink OK and run it,then you’re told there are no updates available.Then your browser opens to a page to download TU 2011-So I tried that which un-installed TU 2010 and when trying the code,I was told it was for an older version.So the key code is no good with the English .exe file,or what?? What a run around/waste of time after procuring five codes via different emails to give to friends-Don’t even have a working version for myself! Further-key will not work after closing the program,rebooting,and even trying it after you have run the program as a trail version,entering the code from the help/register drop down menu-I’ve blown four hours on Christmas Eve. for this aggravation-should have just bought it for everyone -would have been worth the price to save me the stress!! Merry F’n Christmas!!

    1. Il faut installer la version anglaise ou autre langue sans lancer tune up faire une copie de la langue se trouvant pour windows 7 dans:C:ProgramDataTuneUp SoftwareTuneUp Utilities 2010
      ensuite désinstaller le logiciel tune up et installer la version allemande enregister avec la clé puis remplacer le fichier d DE par fr FR ou autre langue par la copie ,pour supprimer d de utiliser unlocker

  5. You must first install version ENG Tuneup 2010
    And copy language folder en-en
    Uninstall ENG version.

    Install DE promotion version and you need to replace the folder de-de on those of the English en-en.

    Now you must change the registry key:
    value UlLanguage – de-de must be en-en

    That is all, restart the computer

    1. Where can I find this folder? On my system (Windows XP) there are only two folders inside the tuneup utilities 2010. Are: data and updatewizard? Where is this translation file?