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TuneUp Utilities 2014 is a handy suite to keep your PC running smoothly, the software includes all features required to improve your PC’s performance and reliability. Normally a one year license or subscription of TuneUp Utilities 2014 will cost $49.95 (around RS 2,200), today in this article we will let you know how you can get $25 worth 6 months (180 days) subscription of this application for free. Before that, below you can read the description of this utility or skip to the bottom of the page for the promo details.

Tuneup Utilities 2014 is one of the best application for windows maintenance , cleaning, and optimization of your PC in real time. The latest version (v14. 0.1000.169) TuneUp utilities comes with improved UI and with several useful tools to help save time and hard disk space.

As well as removing unnecessary registry entries and files from a wide range of common software, plus it also removes duplicate files, information left on your computer by websites in the form of cookies. Along with these improvements, tuneup utilities v14. 0.1000.169 comes with a variety of bug fixes, performance boosts and supports Windows 8.1 OS.
New features in TuneUp Utilities 2014:
1. New TuneUp User Interface and all-in-one start tool
2. Flight Mode: Extends the battery life of laptops, notebooks.
3 .Duplicate Finder: Deletes unwanted duplicate files
4. Improved Disk Cleaner: Removes temporary files from over 150 programs & 30 Windows Features.
Key Features and Working:
On launching tune-up utilities 2014 app for the first time, the 1-Click Maintenance module will pop-up and prompts you to run it, you either run it or skip it to perform cleaning & tunning tasks manually. The 1-Click Maintenance module analyzes your computer for potential optimizations and conducts the necessary maintenance tasks highlighted by the analysis.

The maintenance tasks include : clean registry, defragment registry, remove broken shortcuts, clean up windows and programs, clean up the browser, optimize startup and shutdown and defragment the hard disk.You can configure 1-click maintenance module through settings and specify which maintenance tasks should be carried out.

Next the main window or home screen of the Tuneup utilities, this is categorized into six sections: Dashboard, Optimize, Clean up, fix problems, personalize and all functions.

Tuneup Utilities 2014 free 6 months license

The Dashboard category displays the current status of the three most important functional areas provided to you by TuneUp Utilities. In the event of warnings or recommendations, you can use the Scan now / Fix now button to immediately address the problem behind the warning or view the recommendations. In the fourth area, you can see whether the TuneUp Rescue Center protection is enabled, so that you can undo any changes at any time.

In this category you can disable certain programs, disable startup programs, uninstall programs, configure live optimization, optimize the Registry and Performance.
In the same way as your home can get cluttered, your computer can also get clogged up with unnecessary ballast, which uses up valuable disk space. We recommend that you carry out some spring cleaning from time to time and delete unnecessary files from your system through this category.
Fix Problems :
With Fix problems, TuneUp Utilities offers you various functions for discovering and rectifying any problems that occur. In addition, the program helps you to recover accidentally deleted files. Under Frequently corrected problems, you will find the troubleshooting functions that you use most often, which can be opened by clicking on them.
Personalize :
Using the Personalize category, you can specifically configure how your Windows should look and function, thereby personalizing your computer. Under Frequently used settings, you will find the elements and areas of Windows that you often personalize and you can open these with a simple click.
All Functions :
On the far right of the Start Center, you will see the All functions menu. Opening this menu gives you a list of all functions that TuneUp Utilities offers – clearly sorted according to application area. Clicking on the wrench icon next to an entry opens the settings for that entry, which you can adapt to your personal requirements.
Tuneup Utilities 2014 is a powerful suite with over 30 tools  to tweak and improve your PC’s performance. It features a user-friendly UI, and you’ll find all the tools you need to take care of your PC on the main screen itself.

Tuneup Utilities 2014  Free for 6 Months:

This promo is actually set for registered users of the Chip Czech website , but anyone can avail this promo and get a 180 day trail of Tuneup Utilities 2014.  So to download the 180 day trial, first head over to ChipCzech page, enter the required fields in the form to create an account.
Next login to your account , visit this promo page, you will notice Tune up Utilites article, click the link and scroll to the bottom page, you will notice the download link of the installer.
Tip : You can skip above process, using this direct link  you can download the 180 day trial of Tuneup Utilities 2014. The installer is in multi-language ( eight languages) and doesn’t require any license or activation, so can enjoy 180 days or 6 months subscription of   Tuneup Utilities 2014 for free.
Note:  Don’t worry the installation of this software takes some time and requires an active internet connection, also after installation you will receive an update about 8 to 12 MB, this update is intended to support Windows 8.1 systems

Tuneup Utilities 2014 180 days trail

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