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TuneUp has released version 2012 of its award-winning series of PC optimization software, TuneUp Utilities,an all-in one suite for cleaning up, optimising, fixing, customizing, and Keep your PC running at peak performance.

The new version TuneUp Utilities 2012 is not just limited with an enhanced feature for peak performance, but also it arrives with a brand-new power management system that delivers longer battery life and less power consumption.

The latest version of TuneUp’s software includes more than 30 critical tuning features like 1-Click Maintenance, which solves registry problems, deletes orphaned program shortcuts, removes unnecessary data such as temporary files and defragments the hard disk.

Automatic Maintenance also takes care of these tasks at set times when users are not actively working on their PCs or when notebooks are running on battery power. In addition, TuneUp Live Optimization intelligently prioritizes running processes, while Turbo Mode allows users to turn off 70 performance-sapping tasks with a single click.


TuneUp Utilities 2012 is now available for users of Windows 7, XP and Vista. The software is designed to keep PCs running smoothly, extend their life-cycle and give users with a noticeable boost in speed and performance. With a number of new tuning features, including TuneUp Economy Mode, enhanced TuneUp Program Deactivator, and enhancements of its trusted optimization tools, the intelligent software developer is enabling users to solve issues with their operating system and other areas, such as third-party softwares.

TuneUp Utilities 2012’s new start screen launches twice as fast as in earlier versions. Plus, its new design enables PC users to easily switch between TuneUp Economy Mode and Turbo Mode, and the new Optimization Status layout clearly shows users what tuning measures have already been carried out on their PCs and what can still be done.

Key Features of TuneUp Utilities 2012 :

1. TuneUp Economy Mode:

With a single click it extends the battery life of notebooks, netbooks and tablet PCs by up to 30 percent compared to Windows 7’s energy-saving mode, as well as reduces desktop PC energy consumption.

2.TuneUp Program Deactivator :
It allows users to select infrequently used programs to hibernate to conserve system resources, freeing up working memory and improving start-up times.

3.TuneUp Start page:
Easy to Use layout offers quick and easy access to the most critical optimization functions.
4.TuneUp 1-Click Maintenance
5.TuneUp Drive Defrag
6.TuneUp System Control
7.TuneUp Uninstall Manager
8.TuneUp Startup Manager
9.TuneUp Registry Cleaner

TuneUp Utilities is now available for download directly from TuneUp’s website for $49.95,before that users can download TuneUp Utilities 2012 and try 15-days Fully functional Trial. Users of earlier software versions can upgrade to the latest one for $29.95. Each license key purchased can be used on up to three different PCs.

TuneUp Utilities 2012 Giveaway:

For this Giveaway we have around $200 worth 4 genuine licenses of  TuneUp Utilities 2012, interested readers can take part in the Giveaway by following below simple rules:

  • Just tweet , share it on Facebook or on any another social networking site about this Giveaway.
  • After that leave a comment here with your status.
  • The giveaway will end on 25/10/2011 and I will  announce lucky winners on 25/10/2011 at 6.30 Pm IST.


Thanks to all for participating and the Giveaway ended, sorry for 1 day late announcement and the four lucky winners are :

1.Paf Borg

Congratulations to all lucky winners, the winners will receive license code on 27/10/2011, because I was away from my PC for past two days.


  1. well, really a great giveaway, i’m a big fan of tune up utilities, i’ve used version 2009, 2010, 2011, really the best maintenance and optimization software , did not let me down ,always keeping my computer clean and fast, so eager to try the new version,with more added features, hope to win one license, thanks alot……

  2. Hi
    Great giveaway .
    Thanks for the contest
    TuneUp Utilities is a very good program for optimization your computer
    I need a good software to optimize my computer. TuneUp Utilities is the best.
    Please count me in Good luck to all.

  3. Tuneup utilities 2012 has a few new features to it i would like to use such as the extra power saving mode that 2011 didn’t even have.

  4. I see it is a party time here! So great program for giveaway! Thanks, Dear, for such a great present! Tuneup Utilities has so great features that it is impossible to describe all them. Simply I want to say that it is a real masterpiece of software development and it is useful and needful for everybody. Of course, for me too. Good luck to everybody, and thanks a million to this site for organizing this unbelievable gift!

  5. Yeah This is it that i was Looking for.Thanks for organising such a wonderful givaway.Its really matter for me.As i am crazy for tuneup utilities 2012.I had testing its 30 days evaluation and it really works great.No matter how old your pc is it makes that running like a new one and its now been proved.I have been a great fan of techno360 and i used it visit it 6-8 times in a day.Because it provides me what i needs.and now i am in hope that i could have a license of tuneup utilities 2012 via this giveaway.As regards to the rule for participating in this giveawy i had tweeted this post on my twitter account and facebook account you can varify it.

    once again thanks for organising such a wonderful Giveaway…

  6. Thank you so much for this great giveaway techno360.com.Tune Up Utilities is the best system optimization product i have ever used.I am using this product from the past 2 years and i am really happy with its performance.I am currently using version 2011 and it works like a charm.Its “one click maintenance” and “program deactivator” are really awesome features.Its ability to fix common windows problems helps me a lot in fixing some most common windows problems.I have tried new 2012 version ,the new program autodeactivator really cool,it automatically turns off(disable) the program after we close it and speeds up the system.The new economy mode is the best feature when we work on laptops.The interface could have been more better.This product can give a new life to an old pc.I would highly recommend this product to everybody.Please count me in for such a wonderful product.Once again a big thanks techno360.com for this Giveaway and also thanks to Tune Up Utilities makers for creating such a wonderful product.All the Very best to every participant.



  7. tune up utility is a great optimizing software with some new features.
    .program deactivator is only available in this software. other similar softwares has not the facility.
    .tune up economy mode is a great one to save power
    .one click maintenance is very effective.
    .other features are also very good .
    love to get one

  8. Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/LBCoolG/status/127925808009453568

    I already use TU2011 and have wanted a license of TU2012 ever since I heard about it.I use TU2011 on my work PC and home PC and won’t go without it.

    I really want “TU2012″ to experience the beefed up program de-activator which I already use. The automatic capability of this is a fantastic idea. I already have programs on my work computer my employers want run every couple of days which are on “permanently”. They are very resource intensive. I have had to use the TU2011 program de-activator to turn them off and on manually every couple of days. If these “mostly unneeded” programs turned on and off automatically that would be brilliant!

    I also have to cart my work laptop to many meetings and I would love the battery to last longer – as such I would really get great use out of the TuneUp Economy Mode.

    I also have TU2011 regularly maintain my machine and would love to have TU2012 do the automatic maintenance from now on.

    Please count me in the draw!

  9. License was allowed, after all, only 4-why so many letters? Testify truthfully-I give up all of your benefit.

  10. Thanks for this great giveway. TuneUp Utilities is probably one of the best system utilities ever existed on earth.

    I’ve used TuneUp Utilities 2012 for two days after they sent me a newsletter containing the announcement of the release of newer version. The most significant improvement is probably the new economy mode, which allow me to get the best battery life possible by decreasing PC’s processor performance thus reducing energy consumption. Besides, program deactivator now works automatically in the background, which means one doesn’t have to manually deactivate any particular programs anymore.

    I’m not going to upgrade my TuneUp Utilities to the 2012 version so I would be very happy to win a free license. May luck be with me.


  11. Tune up utilities is always a top priority for me for PC maintenance or i must say that essential for every PC user, Great bunch PC tool for registry, disk defrag,Junk cleaning and a provide detailed hardware informer.

    Its PLUS POINT IS TURBO BOOST AND CLEANUP Automated PC, SO NO NEED TO REMEMBER ANYTHING, IT TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR WHOLE PC. The new function of deactivater is great , help to disable program when not required.

    COUNT ME FOR v2012, Love to have it count me in Thanks

    fb link

  12. Among the best of your giveaways.

    I’m presently using trial version of TuneUp Utilities 2011 which will expire in 5 days. My system got magically fixed after the first run and now all things are just great and smooth. The 2012 version is even better.

    Looking forward to win a license. Thank you Ramakanth for this opportunity.

    My tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/pkghosh1/status/128413562161991680

  13. This is a great giveaway! Tuneup Utilities 2012 license key: Lock and load! Tune up utilities is a kickn’ cool utility and has excellent software and clean-up utilities: Registry, disk d-fragmentation, junk cleaning and provides a detailed hardware informer. I like the nice program deactivator module which shuts down the system and then speeds up everything! This software is a very nice package!


  14. I’m using TuneUp 2011 and it’s a great utilities program. My computer always runs smooth and fast with TuneUp 2011. So I also want to try TuneUp 2012

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