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TuneUp Kit from spotmau is an award-winning windows optimization utility that gives you full control of your PC in just a few clicks.

It can make your computer run more smoothly and securely by configuring, and optimizing your systems. You can quickly clean up or permanently delete files, quicken your Startup time, and optimize Windows network settings. TuneUp Kit utility is very easy to use with clear interface.

Is your computer running slowly? Freeze all the time? Got annoyed pop-up, ghost programs, stubborn programs? corrupted registry? IE always crash? Something is automatically executed at Windows startup?

Then you must try TuneUp Kit, which provides the full solution to Increase PC & Windows Performance, Clean and Customization for your Windows.

Key Features of Tuneup Kit  5.1 :

  •  Optimize, Clean & Speed up your system
  •  Add/Delete programs which run at Windows Startup
  •  Prevent some unwanted system services from running on your computer
  •  Optimize your Internet speed
  •  Protect your privacy by cleaning up all activity records on your computer
  •  Smartly and completely uninstall any program
  •  Repair IE problems
  •  Restore IE default options
  •  Add your favorite items to IE context menu
  •  Delete the items you don’t need from IE context menu
  •  Add your favorite items to system right-click menu
  •  Delete the items you don’t need from system right-click menu
  •  Memo display window
  •  Digital clock and Calendar
  •  Help you manage daily duties and business schedule


Tuneup Kit Free License :

Generally Tuneup Kit will cost $35, but you can get the software completely for Free.

Download Tuneup Kit (tuneup_kit.exe) from here[16.7 MB], click it and unzip the file to your desired place.

You will find a text file with license code & Tuneup Kit installer, install the software and use the code.

Note : The License code will be : ASFQH-JVXZE-6Z49E-GUI65-3WQPK-B9NVC-7MVNA

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  1. Thanks Krishna, this looks promising gonna check it out on my girlfriends comp, might use it on mine if it doesn’t mess anything up. But seriously thanks!

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